StreetFilms: Berkeley’s Bike Boulevards

Berkeley’s Bike Boulevards

Running time: 8 minutes 12 seconds

"Bicycle Boulevards really gives the cyclist the sense of owning the road and being able to take the lane and being able to be in the middle of the street where they can avoid the door zone. Cars are expecting that they’re going to have to wait for bikes and that they’re going to be seeing bikes. It’s not going to be a confrontational thing if a cyclist is the middle of the road because it’s expected on these streets."

  • Steve

    Great film. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get just some of these street calming measures implemented in NYC. This films shows it is possible.

  • Linda


  • Tall Steve

    Nice film. I wish Portland’s bike boulevards had huge markers like SF’s. Instead we have tiny circles on the street that only a cyclist could see.

    One important point that isn’t mentioned in the film is that (at least here in Portland) bike boulevards often run parallel to busy streets, and one of the arguments in favor of them is that they lure bikes away from the busy streets — so even motorists indirectly benefit from bike boulevards.

  • Clarence

    Tall Steve,

    Good point, although I am sure there are those on this list that might argue that is not such a good thing.

    (BTW: I like the fact that you are using “Tall Steve” to differentiate your post since there are so many other Steves on streetsblog.)

  • The Berkeley bike boulevards do run parallel to the busy streets (such as Russell Street instead of Ashby). When I lived in Berkeley I was active with the Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition (BFBC) and helped work on the bike boulevard project. At the point that I began to participate in bike issues and activism, we were in the “town meeting” stage; by the time I left the area, the first bike boulevard had been created with street signs and street stencils. It was so gratifying to see how the boulevards have grown and come into their own, and how well they are used. It made me feel good! Thanks so much to Aaron for posting this video!

    Would love to see something like this in NYC, of course. One thing, though – SF and Berkeley are not the same place! SF has nothing like the bike boulevards, even though it has an active cycling/activist community.

  • Media Boy


  • Some good discussion going on about this film in Portland

  • SteffySueBee

    does this mean that we cyclists have the right-of-way on these streets? is it really okay to ride in the middle of the road or are we still expected to be on the right side? thanks! 

  • Steve Hedwick

    Stop signs along the bicycle boulevards are for bicycles as well as cars. The video shows several clips with cyclists running stop signs, but cops will harass cyclists if they are around. Not as friendly as this video tries to portray.

  • Dana

    I think it is important to point out that bicyclists should still dismount and walk their bikes when using pedestrian crosswalks. There should not be an expectation that cars will yield to bicyclists riding their bikes through a pedestrian cross walk. Also a bicycle is still required to stop at stops signs. Both drivers of motor vehicles and bicycles have responsibilities when it comes to the rules of the road. Safety first!


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