Orioles Pitcher Throws a High Hard One at Car Commuting

guthrieVia Smart Growth America, I’m finally catching up to this great little story in last month’s Baltimore Sun about all of the Orioles players who are commuting to the ballpark by bike these days:

Fans are accustomed to the players’ lot being filled with expensive rides — sports cars, HUVs, private jets. But you should check out the clubhouse sometime, or the weight room. There are enough bikes parked there to hold the Tour de France. I keep waiting for players to change into yellow jerseys, though that honor probably should be delayed until they’re in first place.

At last count, the cyclists include Guthrie, Luke Scott, Aubrey Huff, Brian Burres, Garrett Olson and Lance Cormier. Nick Markakis dropped out after buying a house in Monkton.

Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie rides to Camden Yards six days a week during long homestands (on Sundays his wife drops him off after church). Here’s how he sees it:

"There are some side benefits," Guthrie said. "It’s the overall idea of being outside and exercising instead of driving. I hate cars, I hate driving, I hate doing something I don’t have to do. For me to drive downtown is a waste of gas; it’s a waste of my time. I can ride faster than I can drive."

Granted, he doesn’t yet wield the star power of Ford Mustang salesman Derek Jeter or Cadillac Escalade salesman Tiki Barber, but Guthrie’s showing he’s got the potential to be a force in the big leagues. Trek, Breezer, Specialized: Why not sign this guy up as a spokesman? And don’t forget New York Rangers center Sean Avery while you’re at it.

  • Me

    The September 2008 issue of Bicycling Magazine has an article (p. 26, the article doesn’t appear to be online) on Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones who commutes to practice on a fixed gear Surly.

  • Wow, riding a bike says a lot more of the intelligence and the courage of an athlete than does a big cocoon like suv. good for them doing something responsible and smart.

  • If the Yankees did this I’d… God I don’t know what I’d do… it boggles the mind!

  • Shemp

    I’ve heard Baltimore is cranking out a pretty good bike lane network and has some kind of ciclovia in the works.

    The Yankees are too busy building parking garages.

  • I wrote about Baltimore’s Bike Network after a visit their in April. As someone who lived in Baltimore for seven years, I was shocked by how far they had come between my visit in September 2007 and April 2008. Seems to have the support of elected leadership.

    Here’s the Streetsblog story.

  • I might have to become an Orioles fan!

  • Shout out to Brandon Roy. The Blazers seem to be taking the “gateway drug”.

    News article with video about Roy riding his bike: http://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/2008/07/brandon_roy_rolls_with_handmed.html

  • To the chagrin of most Rangers’ fans, Sean Avery is now a Dallas Star. And he generally plays left wing.

    Anyone know how Dallas’s bike network shapes up?

  • It’s not like the old days when Yankees players actually stayed at the Concourse Plaza hotel. Don’t they all drive in from gated communities in New Jersey? Not an easy bike commute. Maybe a couple have apts on the upper east side. Those guys could ride a bike.

  • “Jeter? That guy’s got an Edge.”

    God I fucking hate those commercials. I’m not sure why Ford thinks using Jeter as a spokesman in commercials during Mets games is going to boost sales.


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