This Just In: NYPD Biggest Abusers of Placard Perk


The Post is reporting today that a sweep against illegally parked placard-bearing vehicles has resulted in over 2,400 summonses, almost half of them issued to NYPD employees.

Over the last three months, special teams of Internal Affairs officers have scoured congested streets in lower Manhattan and around government hubs in outer boroughs, searching for vehicles whose drivers abuse their parking-placard perks and slapping tickets on 2,488 cars.

Topping the list of offenders were New York’s Finest, hit with 1,053 summonses for leaving their cars in crosswalks, near hydrants or bus stops or in "no standing" zones, mostly around courthouses and station houses.

Federal agents and other US government personnel were the second-worst abusers, with 282 tickets – most carrying a $115 fine.

Courthouse officers and employees received 275 summonses.

Since April 1, the IAB has reportedly issued summonses to 3,530 illegally parked vehicles, and towed 512. According to the Post, IAB officers have not come across a single fake permit since the first week of the crackdown, when a retired officer was arrested for having one.

No word in the story concerning the police unions’ complaint aimed at holding on to as many placards as possible.

Graphic: New York Post

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    I saw a blitz on Jay Street, in downtown Brooklyn. It appeared to be officers from the 84th Precinct, not Internal Affairs, however. I wonder if those tickets and tows are included in the tallies.

    I saw that a car with an FDNY placard was getting a pass and pointed out to the officer that it was a union placard, not a city-issued placard. He wrote a ticket and the car was gone later, although I didn’t see it get towed. But cars with the so-called precinct placards all were spared tickets.

  • A bit off-point, but I saw a car with MD plates that parks illegally on my street virtually every day towed today. In the past my impression was that this car was not even ticketed. I gave the tow truck driver the thumbs-up and he was appreciative.

  • Ian Turner

    I live right by the 108th precinct, which is also near offices of the LIRR and MTA Bridges and Tunnels. These days, all the fake placards have disappeared, cars just park brazenly without them. I gather that parking enforcers just assume that anyone parked brazenly must be a member of the privileged. Either that or enforcement was always nil, I don’t recall seeing any tickets either way.

  • Guest

    They are kidding about not being able to find bogus placards right? I see dozens everyday. Maybe they dont consider photocopies of real placards illegal.

    And I hate to be the turd in the punchbowl but they need to ticket a lot more than that. 142,000 placards out there every single day. Id say a quarter of those are parked illegally. If you assume 60 workdays and 35,000 illegals a day, thats over 2 million illegally parked cars over that time. If only 2,400 get tickets over 3 months id still drive in too.


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