NYPD Unions File Complaint Over Placard Cuts


Taking a cue from New York’s Brightest, the five unions representing the city’s Finest have filed a complaint aimed at undermining city parking reforms by retaining free privileges for police officers, detectives, lieutenants and captains. The Post reports that the complaint "contend[s] the city was required to negotiate the new plan before yanking more than 20,000 permits."

The unions’ complaint, filed May 30 with the Board of Collective Bargaining, seeks to have all the permits restored.

As a result of the new policy, cops’ cars are now being towed and
ticketed, the complaint states. According to the unions, the reduction
of free-parking perks "creates an economic hardship" and violates state
labor law.

So the unions are acknowledging here that cops expect to be able to park illegally without being ticketed, as long as they have a placard. Nice. And it seems that cutting back on $4/gal gas — not to mention car maintenance, wear-and-tear, etc. — in exchange for a cheaper transit commute would actually save money in many instances. Unless, of course, the complaint itself is somehow disingenuous.

The complaint … acknowledges that the union contracts do not address parking placards.

One labor source last week indicated the complaint was designed merely
to prevent the city from removing more police parking permits next year.

To sum up: police labor unions have filed an action that they know is baseless in hopes of holding on to a perk that allows as many of their members as possible to break the law with impunity.

In light of these developments, maybe it’s time for a new NYPD superlative: New York’s _____________ .

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  • Hippocrit-iest!

  • Math Genius

    So PD reduced their placards by 20,000 and now issue 43,000. Sounds great. They have 38,000 cops. Who gets the other 5,000?

  • JF

    If the public school teachers are New York’s Brightest, what are the CUNY faculty?

  • Larry Littlefield

    New York’s non-residents.

  • Streetsman


  • paul


  • anon

    If the union begins to get involved in this then it is going to look more and more like their members should start paying taxes on their free parking benefits. Given that the average garage around city hall is charging 500 to 600 per month, this form of soft compensation confers a substantial economic benefit. IRS taxes these kinds of alternate compensation measures and the recipients of the parking placards should start talking to their accountants so as to be informed as to their potential tax liabilities.

  • Unshoupiest

  • least compliant

  • alanon

    Good point, anon…

  • daniel

    I agree with Anon. With the union getting involved then this looks like a collective bargaining issue in which case it is a pure compensation issue. These cops should be careful for what they wish for. They might end up being surprised with what they get.

  • Timbambam

    This is something g I still see everyday. The worst part of the issue is that the placards are being used by people other than who they were issued to. In my nieborhood in Murray Hill on any given day there are at least 5 cars everyday that park on our street which is no parking Except for commercial vehicles. There is no police station within a couple of blocks of me. In fact the closest police station is on the west side. I have never seen someone getting into or out of these cars wearing a uniform. Besides it is quite expensive to live in this area. More than cops should be able to afford.
    When I hear the police complaining because they have to pay to park I don’t get it. Everyone else has to pay why should they not have to. This is an issue that I hope the new mayor will put an end to. If the placards were being used to park thier cars while they were working I might feel different. But because of all the abuse that is being done with these placards they need to come up with a different system or do away with all of it. The same for firelight erstwhile. The FDNY has the same issues with the placards they use.

  • Ian Turner

    It’s not clear that the new mayor will be able to put an end to this practice, at least not without making it a huge priority. NYPD has shown itself totally unable to police itself, and the placard business is no exception. Agents who write tickets to officers have been intimidated and assaulted without consequence. This practice has been going on for over half a century, is ingrained in the organizational culture, and will be really hard to change. Given how heavy a lift it is, I don’t see enough pressure coming from constituents to make effective action likely.

  • nycbikecommuter

    “As a result of the new policy, cops’ cars are now being towed and
    ticketed” — good, just like everybody else. The way it should be.


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