Today’s Headlines

  • Traffic Agent Mauled by Off-Duty Cop for Ticketing His Girlfriend (News)
  • Oklahoma City to Replace Downtown Highway With Boulevard (USA Today)
  • DOT’s Josh Benson Answers Cyclists’ Questions, Part 2 (City Room)
  • City Council Members Yassky and Liu Bike to Work (Urbanite)
  • Why Demand for Gas Is Actually Elastic (Carbon Tax Blog)
  • Park Slopers React to Suspension of Parking Rules (NYT, News)
  • Police and Transit Officials Clash Over When to Shut Down Subways (News)
  • MTA Selects 23 Official Subway Buskers (Post)
  • Smart Car Bumped Down a Notch in Safety Ratings (Wheels)
  • Hilary

    “Many big cities have long-term plans that call for eliminating some downtown highways or reducing their scale.” The article cites a roster of cities realizing that their most scenic, waterfront highways are better used as tree-lined boulevards, if not parks. Why not New York, whose waterfront highways are halfway there? Why not restore them as true parkways rather than push them to accommodate relentlessly expanding commuter traffic and soon to add trucks? As you bike to work today, think how fast and far you could go on a limited access green route.

  • J. Mork

    Gawd it must really suck being a parking enforcement officer.
    I often say thank you to them when I see them writing a ticket.

  • Rain Man

    When in drought don’t fret.
    Make it Bike to Work Day!

  • I can’t wait for when they dismantle the FDR and put in a park/greenway similar to the west side.

    The traffic agent story is reason enough for taking parking enforcement out of the NYPD and making it a separate agency.

  • Mark Walker

    Bullet train planned in California. It would go from SF to LA in less than 2.5 hours at 220 miles per hour. Enviro permission granted, now the bond issue will go to the voters, completion in 2030:

  • That OKC article got me excited, until I learned they’re replacing that highway with a TEN-LANE one a few blocks south… in a RAIL RIGHT-OF-WAY. Great, we’re opening up public spaces… to clog them with more exhaust-spewing traffic coming from a new high-capacity freeway.

  • Spud Spudly

    On the UWS I’ve seen a whole hell of a lot of those “Smart” Cars lately. Considering their price, cargo capacity, performance, non-spectacular mileage and the fact that the door will pop open when you get T-boned, I can’t understand why. The best thing you can say about it is that it’s easy to park.

  • My door pops open when I get T-boned by cars. So far the government hasn’t banned the human body from the street because of its poor crash performance, but I think they’ve come close a few times.