Cyclists Zip Down Clogged LA Freeways

Via WestSideBikeSide,
last week 10 Los Angeles cyclists (illegally) took to the 405 and the 10 on the premise that riding on those infamously congested freeways at rush hour is no less safe than taking the Pacific Coast Highway.

Other LA blogs have picked up the video. Metblog called it "equal parts stupid and awesome," and Joke Is Up calls it a "great little bit of anarchy here in Los Angeles." Viewers at YouTube
seem similarly at odds. One poster says he "fell asleep b4 I got to the
part where the idiots got crushed by a Hummer," but another commenter
asks what I think is the million dollar question: "LA is made for cars.
Why are bicycles getting places faster?"

Video: richtothele/YouTube via Streetsblog LA 

  • I hear it’s fun to bike on a Mexican Highway as well.

  • Jacob

    A similar stunt was done recently in New York, when a man biked through the Holland Tunnel during rush hour:

  • Lindsi

    I don’t think we should look at it as a ‘stunt’. Focus on how many people in traffic were thinking ‘if only I could be on that bike right now’. They probably won’t switch any time soon, but they’ve starting thinking about it. Amazing, and it looks fun.

  • i would definitely call it a stunt, it’s called a RIDE STUNT, AKA BICYCLE STREET THEATRE or in this case, FREEWAY THEATRE. The message is in the stunt, it’s not about communicating verbally, it’s about sporadic displays of human powered efficiency.

  • ddartley

    Terrible! If one of them had gotten hit by a car, imagine the traffic jam it would have caused!

  • d

    Not too impressive. This is as much an argument for riding a motorcycle as it is for riding a bike.

  • galvo

    this and the Holland tunnel video brings out one of the problems with reducing oil consumption and dependency. The max speed of the bicyclist are under 20 mph and they are moving much faster than the cars. In NYS small vespa type motor scooters are illegal on a lot of limited access highways because they don’t go fast enough.
    NYS has way too many laws that force people into using larger vehicles than necessary and stop innovations that could replace car trips.

  • Flunky Carter


    FAIL. Bicyclists can easily do well over 20MPH and can keep this up for a long time.

    I can easily maintain 25MPH on a flat road, if not faster.

  • galvo

    flunky , i ride that thing with two wheels. i go faster than 20 mph on the flats and road with no congestion.
    These guys on bikes are moving in and out of stopped or slow traffic, i doubt they are going more than 20 mph average in these traffic jams, they are defiantly going faster than the cars, the cars may be averageing 12 mph .
    i jump off the west side greenway when it is too slow due to bicycle congestion and take west street, i can usually stay with traffic if it is mildly congested, i will pass all the cars at 20mph if it jammed up.
    what i am trying to get across is that nys has laws banning possible green transportation that cant go 55 mph on limited access highways, such as the Holland tunnel at rush hour. A bicycle is going to move faster than the cars, there are people that may be able to commute to work using the holland tunnel on bikes it it was legal, they would be passing all the cars due to congestion, yet they are banned from the roadways.
    palisade park commission bans small wheel vespas type vehicles and public transportation buses on the harriman state park roads, only allows cars, suv’s or bigger motorcycles. This is the crazy car culture thinking.

  • black rock refugee

    only place i’ve seen traffic this bad is burning man exodus!

  • Michael

    And a great friging soundtrack. Very LA

  • ddartley

    Not quite. If you ride a bike through congested NYC traffic, you see the motorcycles (wider than bikes) get stuck a lot more than you do.

  • Irene

    Response to comment #6:
    You do realize that the main reason why motorcycling is dangerous is because of the ignorance of car drivers and their and their failure to recognize/acknowledge other vehicles on the road?

    As a female rider (bicycles and motorbikes) who also drives, it is imperative to understand that a dominant attitude of automobiles harms others as well as yourself.

    PLUS as a Los Angeles native, it is time that alternative modes of transportation be used. Though bicycles on the 10 and 405 is dangerous, it goes to show that social significance in protest is still alive and well.

    Cheers to the two wheeled world.

  • The verdict is in, I want my own bike highway. I deserve it.

    Driving is no different than smoking, why should I be forced to inhale the crap drivers put out? The least the system can do is accomodate alternative forms of transportation equally.

    And no, riding during rush hour on the freeway is not dangerous. Riding on any surface street where a numskull on a cellphone could choose to turn right in front of you is dangerous.


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