Today’s Headlines

  • Bush Calls for U.S. Carbon Emissions to Plateau by 2025 (Dot Earth)
  • Bay Area Businesses May Soon Pay Fee for Producing Greenhouse Gases (NYT)
  • Bronx Toddler Hit by Car; Cyclist Killed by Delivery Truck in Manhattan (Post)
  • More Delays and Overruns for PA’s Lower Manhattan Terminal (News, NY1)
  • Sander Discusses MTA Sustainability Plan (NPR)
  • NYCT Takes Low-Floor Bus Model for a Spin (City Room)
  • Red Hook Bike Commuting Plan Gets Hearing at CB6 Tonight (Post)
  • Gov Island Advocates Try to Improve Access, Build a Constituency (City Room)
  • Silver Won’t Release Tax Returns, But His Opponents Have (Daily Politics)
  • Car Talk Bros. to Ponder ‘Car of the Future’ on TV (Wheels)
  • Damian

    There was a really disgusting comment on the City Room post about the new Mercedes bus they’re testing. One guy comes out as pro-BRT, but talks about how good transit can be used to drive out poor and working-class people from the neighborhoods he clearly covets. I’m re-posting it here because it brings up an important point: livable cities should be for EVERYBODY.

    quote ——————–

    BRT viaducts are a quiet, efficient alternative which, if deployed correctly, could spead the rate at which Bushwick, Bed-Suy, and Red-Hook gentrify. I’d love for the city to set up BRT on Willoughby St. or Lexington Ave, running all the way from Ridgewood to the Atlantic Ave terminal. All those Brownstones in Bed-Stuy would fill instantly with people who could actually be net contributors to the tax base.