Eyes on the Street: Portland Bike Boxes


Not only are Portland, Oregon’s new bike boxes to be accompanied by a motorist safety campaign, they’re also making them hard for drivers to miss at street level. Note the "Get Behind It" sign to the right.

Compare the Portland version to a New York bike box:


Could this call for a green paint line item in the livable streets fund

Photos: BikePortland.org/Flickr
[Portland], Ian Dutton [New York]

  • Portland drivers are notoriously, maybe even excessively, law-abiding and polite. I so wish what worked in Portland would work in New York. But have you ridden down the Avenue of the Double-Parked (aka Adams Street) lately? Green paint does not a bike lane make – it just makes the scofflaws that much more visible. An enforcement line would be way more effective.

  • ddartley

    Not just colored–but look how much BIGGER Portland’s boxes are!

    Did you hear me there, DOT? THEY’RE MUCH BIGGER.

  • Stacy

    Yes Portland’s bike boxes are so much more beautiful and much easier to understand how to use. Why can’t NYC do as well?

  • Gargamel Tralfaz

    BIKE BOX! I just had to do that.

  • Eric

    Something Portland-like would be nice. I had a brief shouting match with a cabbie yesterday at Centre and Reade Streets. I was trying to get into the Bike Box to make a left onto Reade from northbound Centre St. But he had pulled all the way into the Bike Box. So when the light turned green, and I tried to get in front of him, he leaned on his horn and yelled at me for trying to turn left in front of him. I shouted back that he has in the Bike Box, but he just screamed some profanities, gave me the finger and roared off to torment some other cyclists.

  • Brandon

    Ugh, that cab driver sounds like a moron. I’m glad be will still have riders like you who dont stop riding after incidents like this. I know a lot of folks who would stop riding.

  • DOT

    Paint? what’s that?

  • Since you asked

    DOT: “paint” is what you guys slap on historic stone retaining walls and bridges in glossy garish colors to cover graffiti!



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