Today’s Headlines

  • EPA Cites Detroit-Backed Energy Bill to Quash State Emissions Regs (NYT)
  • Feds Kick Back Plan to Toll Pennsylvania Interstate (Philly Inquirer
  • Atlanta Losing Business to Gridlock (AJC
  • EU Tells Car Makers to Clean Up or Pay Up (NYT)
  • Sweden Beats Kyoto CO2 Targets, in Part, With Congestion Pricing (AFP)
  • Flight Limits Imposed to Reduce JFK Congestion (Crain’s
  • City Council Approves Columbia Expansion (NYT, Post)
  • Gene Russianoff Assesses Fare Hike Fallout (News)
  • Cement Truck Kills Woman on Queens Blvd; No Charges Filed (News, Post)
  • Athens Pedestrian Charged (Again) With Walking Over Car (Reuters
  • Police Stop Motorists to Reward Them With Frappuccinos (The Board
  • momos

    Re: Sweden Beats Kyoto CO2 Targets

    This is perhaps the most interesting detail of the story:

    The Scandinavian country, which is known for its protection of the environment, also registered strong economic growth during the same period, of 44 percent in fixed prices.

    “Developments in Sweden give us a chance to show other countries that are doubtful that it is possible to reconcile economic growth with emissions reductions,” Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren said in a statement.