Today’s Headlines

  • Pricing Foe Richard Lipsky Apparently Thinks Parking Should be Free Too (Post)
  • Seattle Mayor Wants City Employees to Ride the Bus to Work (Planetizen)
  • Monthly MetroCard to Rise From $76 to $81. More Hikes Coming (NYT, News)
  • Charter Bus Kills 72-Year-Old Cyclist in Midtown (News)
  • Complete Streets Movement Gaining Momentum Nationwide (NUN)
  • Oil-Rich Nations Using More Energy, Cutting Exports… to Us (NYT)
  • Do Anti-Nuke Politics of the ’70s Hold Up in the Global Warming Era? (NYT)
  • Pedicab Drivers Accuse City of Ticket Blitz (Post)
  • New York State’s Part-Time Legislators Want a Raise (NYT)
  • Subway Pole Dancers Enrage MTA (News)
  • Protests Against New Taxi Tech is All About Taxes (Sun)
  • Access-a-Ride Drivers Go on Strike (NYT, Sun, News)
  • JF

    Let me just be the first to say:

    LOL! HAHA Lipsky! Busted!

  • Larry Littlefield

    (Pricing Foe Richard Lipsky Apparently Thinks Parking Should be Free Too)

    But only for him, not for everyone.

    If parking were free for everyone, free parking would be worthless, because it would already be full by the time he got to it.

    Only certain people get to drive to Manhattan for free. Those are the Congestion Pricing opponents. That’s what makes the bogus “populist” argument so infuriating. These people aren’t stupid. They think most other people are.

    Especially Lipsky. In the debate over allowing new supermarkets in poor neighborhoods in the mid-1990s, he went around to White outerborough neighborhoods and said that new stores would attract “outsiders” who would cause “crime.” He went around to Black neighborhoods and said having new supermarkets in their community was a White conspiracy to put Black merchants out of business.

  • Thin-lipped matron

    Methinks the pole dancers have done more for mass transit than the adoption of metrocard.

  • ddartley

    The News article about how Franco Scorcia was killed on his bike refers back to David Smith being killed on his bike with this gem:

    “a pickup truck driver accidentally opened his door . . .”

  • plist

    Interesting traffic metaphor in the NYTimes article on the band Radiohead adopting a pay what you want policy for MP3s of their new album.
    Signing a new major-label contract “would have killed us straight off,” he added. “Money makes you numb, as M.I.A. wrote. I mean, it’s tempting to have someone say to you, ‘You will never have to worry about money ever again,’ but no matter how much money someone gives you — what, you’re not going to spend it? You’re not going to find stupid ways to get rid of it? Of course you are. It’s like building roads and expecting there to be less traffic.”

  • Spud Spudly

    Good one in the Times today about the perils of teen drivers:

  • Steve

    I was riding in the subway about 6 months ago and a woman started pole dancing. She struck me as so silly, looking around to see who was looking at her. She seemed to be deliberately swinging her limbs so as to almost miss the people around her, then looking at them to check their reactions. Eventually, she knocked awake a sleeping infant in a baby bjorn and all the passengers yelled “get out of here” in unison.

    I hate to be a curmudgeon and I love to see dancing and other arts performances on the platforms, but I’m not a fan of grabbing and invading space on the cars themselves. Let the pole dancers rub up against the girders on the platforms.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Scantily-clad subway entertainment is nothing new:

  • ln

    No discussion about the latest cyclist death?