Today’s Headlines

  • Higher (But Still Low) Gas Prices Extend Beyond ‘Driving Season’ (NYT
  • Transit-Loving NYers Not as Prone to Gas Pains (Crain’s)
  • However: Sander Says Weakening Economy Is Behind Fare Increase (News)
  • New Train Service for Staten Island (NYT
  • Coalition Calls for Riverdale Ferry Service  (Riverdale Press
  • Another Take on Bronx Pricing Commission Hearing (Riverdale Press
  • Queens Paper Airs Opposition and Support From York College (Queens Gazette
  • City Ponders New Film and Photography Sidewalk Rules (Gothamist)
  • Why Is the Cop Parked in the Bike Lane? Don’t Ask. (No Impact Man
  • Climate Change Suspected as Seattle Voters Reject Transpo Bill (Gristmill)
  • GPS Tracks Guitar Left in Taxi Trunk (WABC)
  • ddartley

    cop car in bike lane:

    Uh, folks, near the precinct close to my job, in one 24-hour period, about THIRTY COP CARS will park in the nearby bike lane. I have gotten a very nice, promising reply from their community affairs officer, back when I thought I cared, and contacted them about it. Has anything changed since that reply? Hardly.

    Are we going to look for new and different solutions, or do we just love this hobby of playing Sisyphus with this “cars in the bike lane” issue?

  • Yeah, I mostly gave up on ever getting cars out of the bike lane. I think the only chance to open up the bike lanes will come from parking reform (no more placards, residential permits, much higher meter rates, etc.) This would hopefully free up enough curbside parking on every block that double parking becomes unnecessary. I’m not holding my breath.

  • ddartley

    Here I go again:

    here’s a bike lane no one will ever park in:

  • mkultra

    no one will ever park in it, but they sure will drive in it. duh.

  • The announcement of increased service on the Staten Island Railway is certainly a welcome one. But it’s important to note that the primary beneficiaries of this increased service are the residents of Staten Island’s wealthier South Shore communities.

    The more diverse communities of the North Shore, where fewer people can afford to own cars, has not enjoyed a functional rail transport system since service was discontinued in the 1950s. The increased service will benefit North Shore communities west of St. George, where I live, not at all.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Dan, what do you think of my suggestion of reconnecting the North Shore Railway to the mainland network so that people can transfer to the PATH and New Jersey Transit at Newark?

    To me that makes a lot more sense than putting light rail in the corridor, but I don’t live in the area, so there may be factors I’m not aware of.