Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Rebuffs City’s Traffic-Relief Plan, Gridlock Rules (NYT, News, Sun)
  • A Bizarre Day, Even by Albany Standards (News)
  • Think Traffic’s Bad in NYC? Check out Cairo (NYT)
  • Legislative Inaction Reflects the Will of the People (Sun)
  • Indian Glaciers in Retreat (NYT)
  • What Our Grandparents Can Teach us About Saving the Planet (Mike Davis
  • Bedford Ave. Subway Station Bike Racks Proving to be Popular (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Bringing Trolleys Back to Coney Island (Gowanus Lounge
  • Ford Tests Out Plug-in Hybrids (Detroit Free Press)
  • While this may be the end of what I would call the Mayor’s crash program or big-bang approach to traffic relief and sustainability, we are at the very beginning of the Jan Gehl-esque small improvements through the City’s DOT.

    The Mayor should roll-out a new traffic mitigation program every week, starting with a CAR-FREE CENTRAL & PROSPECT PARK and touching all of the issues we all know about like parking permits, curbside pricing, BRT, etc.

    City DOT, this is your moment to show what you can do!

  • Yes, lets line those Avenues with trees!

    But I don’t think CP is totally dead. My expectations were pretty low heading into yesterday, but Silver is atleast signing a letter of intent for the US DOT so we can still get the federal funding. He seems to think that this will be enough to get the money…so what would the money be for if not congestion pricing?

    I mean, the money is for the plan – not for talking about the plan.

  • Charlie D.

    The mayor simply needs to focus on things that he can do WITHOUT the legislature. Eliminating permit abuse and increasing the cost of public parking in Manhattan would have a huge impact on reducing congestion.

  • jojo

    Never forget this day.






  • brent

    Yes, there are all kinds of nifty little studies we can do over the next 10-12 years. THANK YOU NY STATE ASSEMBLY FOR OPENING THAT DOOR. Gee, in case you haven’t noticed, I am totally being facetious. YOU SUCK. Hey Mr. Senator Kevin S. Parker,- I am sorry if you were turned off because the mayor’s, “…posture was not ingratiating. So angered were Democrats that they decided to vote as a bloc to defeat the measure” Next time, let’s try focusing on the problem at hand instead of political posturing. And to all you dumb shits, “READ THE FUCKING LEGISLATION.” I am offended that there are grown men and women who think it is perfectly ok to claim this level of ignorance and laziness on this issue. I have followed this debate only casually and it all seams pretty uncomplicated to me. The scumbags will do more of the usual in Albany while the city continues to be consumed by traffic caused by people in far flung areas represented by puke faced lawmakers. They can all enjoy the benefit of using our city infrastructure and clogging our streets for free while we choke on it and pay with eroded transit and children sick with asthma. I can’t wait for the 25-year study results.

  • I wouldn’t go as far as Jojo, but while I was thinking of re-registering as a Democrat (I’m currently a Green), this issue has gotten me pretty disgusted with Dems like Silver. I think I would have lost my cool a lot sooner than Bloomberg did.

  • comentz

    We should not believe that the effort is dead. Bloomberg brought to the forefront the issue of congestion and its adverse affect to physical and economic health, and it where it will remain in elections to come as other mega cities strive to find solutions to similar problems. But I can’t help myself from saying…those politicians in Albany need a spanking for the way they left Bloomberg hanging…

  • JF

    Shame on that Bloomberg, not being ingratiating! Who does he think he is, anyway, compared to members of the New York State Senate Minority?

  • Jmc

    I hope the city buys more buses anyway.

    Screw Albany.