The Weekly Carnage

Samantha Foster / The Journal News

Fatal Crashes (17 Killed This Week; 333 Killed This Year)

  • Manhattan: Minivan Driver Kills Off-Duty Cop (NY Post)
  • Related: Drunken Driver Ends Life of NYPD Dad-to-Be (Daily News)
  • Related: Bail Boost in Cop-Death DWI Case (Daily News)
  • Tappan Zee Bridge: Fiery Truck Death Crash Shuts Bridge (NY Post)
  • Related: Law, Bridge Design, Limit Police Enforcement (
  • Bridgeport: Three Drown After Van Sinks in Park Pond (NY Times)
  • Related: No Survivors After Holiday Accident (Daily News)
  • No. Lindenhurst, L.I.: Driver with Record Kills Good Samaritan (Newsday)
  • Selden, L.I.: Motorist Arrested in Crash That Killed Motorcyclist (Newsday)
  • NJ: Teen Athletes Charged With DWI in Two Fatal Crashes (
  • Rockaway Township, NJ: 20-Year-Old Motorcyclist Speeds, Dies (
  • Fort Lee: Drunk 18-Year-Old Vaults Curb in SUV, Kills Teen (
  • Cape May County, NJ: Motorcyclist Dies Rear-Ending SUV (Star-Ledger)
  • Frankford Township, NJ: Pick-Up Driver Hits Pole, Dies (
  • Monroe Township, NJ: Pick-Up Driver Kills Bicyclist (
  • Shelton, CT: Head-on Crash Kills 2 Kids, Injures Mom, 3 Others (ConnPost)

Michael Ratcliffe / The Times of Trenton

Injuries, Arrests & Property Damage

  • Inwood, L.I.: Police Looking for SUV in Hit-and-Run (Newsday)
  • L.I.: Multi-Car Crash Snarls Traffic on L.I.E. (Newsday)
  • L.I.: Three-Car Crash on Sunrise Highway (Newsday)
  • Brentwood, L.I.: Carjacker Crashes Hummer (Newsday)
  • Pennsville, NJ: Paulsboro Man Arrested in DWI Hit-and-Run (
  • Fairfield Township, NJ: Teen Injured in One-Car Crash (
  • NJ I-295: Teen Was Speeding in Crash That Hurt 4 (
  • Vineland: 5 Teens Injured in One-Car Crash (
  • South Trenton: Two-Car Crash Injures 5 (
  • NJ: I-78 Rollover Sends 2 to Hospital (
  • Gloucester Co., NJ: 3 Hurt when 17-Year-Old Rolls SUV (
  • Westchester, NY: 3 Hurt in 2 Rollover Crashes (
  • New Rochelle: Drunk Driver Beaten by Friend of Victim (Journal News)
  • Westchester, NY: 2 DWI Arrests in Hutchinson Pkwy Crash (Journal News)
  • Southeast (Putnam Co.): Candidate Charged in DWI Crash (Journal News)
  • Carmel (Putnam Co.): Driver in 2 DWI Hit-Run’s in 8 Days (Journal News)
  • Derby, CT: New Haven Woman Hit by Speeding Jeep (ConnPost)
  • Bridgeport: Toddler Critical After Driver Pins Her to Store (ConnPost)

Following Up

  • Fifth Delay in Trial of Greenway Driver Who Killed Cyclist (Downtown Expr)
  • Upstate NY: Alcohol Not a Factor in Crash That Killed 5 Friends (NY Times)
  • Her Son Died in Jet Ski Crash, Now Wants Stricter Laws (Daily News)
  • Tenn: Two More Suits Filed in "Cars for Kids" Show Crash (Newsday)
  • West Windsor, NJ: Injured Elderly Pair Petition to Sue Township (
  • Roselle Park, NJ: Police Finger Helpful Bystander, not Driver (Star-Ledger)
  • Conn: DOT Working on Tree-Safety Plan after Parkway Deaths (
  • Harrison, NY: Black Box That Could Implicate Firefighter Stalled (Journal News)

Frank Becerra Jr. / Journal News


  • Virginia Rolls Out The $3550 Speeding Ticket (Alexandria Times)
  • Cell-Phone-Charging Trucker Not Charged in Crash That Killed 8 (Newsday)
  • NJ: Deaths Spike Despite Law Restricting Teen Drivers (Newsday)
  • NJ: Corzine Commission on Teen Driving Dangers a No-Show (Star-Ledger)
  • Greenwich, CT: Hedge Fund Mogul Derails Traffic-Calming Circle (Advocate)

(Carnage-master Aaron
Donovan returns in August.)

About The Weekly Carnage

  • Casual Observer

    Holy Moly. These photos are unbelievable. It looks like something out of Baquba Provence in Iraq.

    Tri-State motorists must be making Al Qaeda jealous. Compared to those amateurish London bombers, New York-area drivers are turning out to be way more competent when it comes to blowing things up and killing innocent civilians.

    Put AAA on the terrorist watch list before they blow up another bridge.

  • Hilary Kitasei

    Re: Conn: DOT Working on Tree-Safety Plan after Parkway Deaths

    It’s gratifying to see how Connecticut DOT thinks in terms of protecting the trees rather than using this as an excuse to mow them down. The Merritt Parkway is a scenic byway with a corridor management plan with guidelines for preserving its landscape, alignment and infrastructure. Readers on this list will be interested to learn about plans for a trail along the Merritt (see The Regional Plan Association has been a vital supporter of this initiative. And if any of you have a chance to drive the Merritt, note the reinforced wooden guardrails and smaller signs — all meeting AASHTO standards – that are being installed as part of the restoration. Contrast the Merritt with I-95 and you can see the two ways New York City can go. If you have to have a highway through your city, especially along your waterfront, which would you choose?

  • Casual Observer

    Just yesterday we detoured off of nasty, choked I-95 in CT and made our way back to the city via the Merritt Parkway. We couldn’t believe how durned pretty that highway is. It actually made us want to drive more slowly and in a more relaxed way.

    Then when you hit the NY State border it becomes the Hutch Parkway and immediately gets nasty again. The difference is remarkable.

  • Hilary Kitasei

    and then you cross the CITY line on the Henry Hudson Parkway and it gets worser still.

  • Casual Observer

    The signage is so incredibly bad on the Hutch that I’m not sure I could even find the Henry Hudson. There is, literally, no sign to the TriBoro Bridge. We ended up getting shunted off onto the Whitestone and taking a circuitous route back through Brooklyn. This happens almost every summer when we make this annual trip. It is even confusing when I look at a map. The peopel who design NY State highways and signs simply must not give a crap.

  • Danny

    Charlie, thanks for taking up the mantle during Aaron’s absence. I have to have my weekly car-nage. And what a great selection of photos!


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