Today’s Headlines

  • Council Members Want More Manhattan Parking (Metro)
  • Atlantic Yards Critics Purged from CB6 (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Democrats Doubletalk on Gasoline (Sun)
  • RELATED: Politicians Avoid Action on Energy (NYT)
  • City Should Keep New Station Plan Public (NYT)
  • New Riverside Park to Open in Williamsburg (Metro)
  • Brooklyn Greenway Meeting Thursday (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Group Says Park Conditions Have Worsened (Gotham Gazette)
  • Corzine Reconsiders Privatizing Highways (NYT)
  • Staten Island Cyclist Critically Injured (Post)
  • Evolution of a Bike Lane (Crazy Fingers via Curbed)
  • RELATED: Cars Take New Bike Lane (MyBikeLane)
  • Steve

    Re: 21st Street Bike Lane: A buffered lane would have been better but DOT seems to think there is no room for them on 40′ wide streets. glad to see the dashed line continung the lane through the intersection. This helps left-turning motorists avoid hitting through bicycle traffic. The thru-intersection marking should be a standard feature for every left-hand Class II bike lane.

  • AD

    I’m really surprised by Lappin’s comments. Congestion pricing would of course reduce traffic in her district, even north of 86th Street, as it would encourage a modal shift away from the automobile. (A modal shift away from the car is something hard for people to imagine.)

  • drose

    Opponents of congestion pricing seem to be mounting their long awaited counterattack this week. The revised report from Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free hit last night (see New York Observer for details), and another group called The Neighborhood Retail Alliance is holding a press conference at the Queensboro Bridge Food Emporium at noon.

    Please keep on top of these opponents and their negative commentary on one of PlaNYC’s most important programs. It is too early to declare victory.

  • People in Lappin’s district should call her district office at 212-535-5554 to voice their concerns to her or her staff (ask for Caroline Mello). I don’t think the quote accurately reflects her position but it certainly sounded like she was on the attack at that hearing. She needs to know that people in her district care about these issues.

    Congestion Pricing: Less Cars, Less Queensboro bridge traffic.

    Municipal Parking Garages: More Cars looking for low priced parking!

  • Steve

    Lappin’s reported position is odd, and the “hunting license” soundbite sounds like she has spent some time formulating an anti-CP position. CM Garodnick, whose district straddles the 86th Street cutoff on the East Side as much as Lappin’s does, apparently has not been recieving many constituent complaints about spillover congestion in neighborhoods north of 86th Street (according to his staff). it seems counterintuitive that Lappin, whose “straddle” constituents hail more from Yorkville than the “silk stocking” portion of the East Side, be opposing CP while Garodnick (at least at present) is not.