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Fatal Crashes (16 Killed This Week; 227 Killed This Year)

  • Bronx: Only Son of Deceased G.I. Crushed by Mother’s SUV (Daily News)
  • Related Trend: Parents Put Spotlight on Toddler Deaths by ‘Backover’ (AM NY)
  • Queens: Woman, 23, Struck and Killed by Mini-School Bus (NY1, WNBC 4)
  • Brooklyn: SUV Jumps Curb, Pins Woman to Wall (NY Post, Gothamist, WABC)
  • Brooklyn: Hit-and-Run Crash Kills Boy, 13, Riding Bicycle (NYT, Gothamist)
  • Related: Unlicensed Tow-Truck Driver Arrested (Daily News)
  • Related: Family Remembers 13-Year-Old Cyclist (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • Port Jeff Station, L.I.: Man, 90, and Woman, 19, Collide, He Dies (Newsday)
  • Dix Hills, L.I.: 2 Die as 100-MPH BMW Hits Tree, Disintegrates (Newsday)
  • Related: Mourning the Loss of Two High School Seniors (Newsday)
  • Lindenhurst, L.I.: Woman Killed Crossing Sunrise Highway (Newsday)
  • Hillburn, N.Y.: Driver Killed as McDonalds Truck Crashes Onto Thruway (Newsday)
  • Related: Traffic Back to Normal (Journal News
  • Orange, Conn.: 2 Killed as Driver Loses Control of Vehicle (Newsday)
  • New Brunswick, N.J.: Van Driver Killed in Collision (Star-Ledger)
  • Plainsboro, N.J.: Motorcycling Floridian, 20, Loses Control (Times of Trenton)
  • New City, N.Y.: Boy, 17, Killed in Crash, 3 Teens Hospitalized (Journal News)
  • Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.: Motorcyclist, 35, Killed in Collision (Journal News)
  • Mount Vernon, N.Y.: Man, 79, Killed Slamming Underpass (Journal News)
  • Related: Family Shocked (Journal News)


Injuries, Arrests & Property Damage

  • Queens: Man Steals SUV, Topples School Bus (Daily News)
  • Related: Suspect Had Long History (AM NY)
  • Bronx: Man Critical After Hit-and-Run (WABC 7)
  • Staten Island: Pedestrian Struck on Clove Road (S.I. Live)
  • Queens: Man Runs Red Light, Injures 13 on Bus (AM NY)
  • Syosset, L.I.: Officer Struck, Seriously Injured (Newsday)
  • Long Island Expressway: 7-Car Pileup Injures 11 (Newsday)
  • Huntington, L.I.: Man Hits Cop Car, Gets DWI Charge (Newsday)
  • Middletown, Conn.: Lacrosse Team Bus Overturns (NYT, Newsday)
  • Brick, N.J.: Dump Truck Overturns on Parkway (Asbury Park Press)
  • Tappan Zee Bridge: Thief Leads Cops on Chase, Jumps Into Hudson (NY Post)


  • Queens: SUV Slams Into House Wrecked by Car in December (Daily News)
  • Greenwich Twp., N.J.: Woman Charged After Driving Into Man (
  • Laurel, L.I.: Man Arrested for DWI After Collision (Newsday)
  • Island Park, L.I.: Driver Seriously Injured in Crash With Parked Cars (Newsday)

Guy Scroco / Brooklyn Papers

  • Brooklyn: Messy Crash on Berkeley Place (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Queens: Car Jumps Curb, Hits Pedestrian, Then Building (WABC 7)
  • Manhattan: Rapper Stopped for Too-Dark Windows, Gets DWI (NYT)
  • Hopewell Twp., N.J.: 2 Hospitalized After Head-On Crash (Times of Trenton)
  • Hoboken, N.J.: Man Charged With DUI After SUV Crash (Jersey Journal)
  • Ewing, N.J.: Truck Flips After Crash With Station Wagon (Times of Trenton)

Following Up

  • Milford, Conn.: Suspect in 60-Mile Chase to be Arraigned (AM NY)
  • Stamford, Conn.: Ex-Teacher Gets 12 Years for DUI Triple-Fatal (AM NY)
  • Queens: Car Accident Victim Buried in Corona (Times Ledger)
  • Visitors Say Corzine Is a Changed Man After Crash (AP via
  • Yonkers, N.Y.: Man Get 1 to 3 Years for Fatal Car Race (Journal News)
  • Nyack, N.Y.: 1979 Car Crash Survivor Describes Brain Injury (Journal News)


  • Parents Keep Tabs on Teen Drivers (Newsday)
  • State Budget Plans for DWI Prosecutors on Long Island (Newsday)
  • Critics Set Sights on Driving Requirements (Newsday)

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  • lee

    how fast do you have to be going to flip your SUV? geez.

  • Steve

    No kidding. That’s why you need an SUV–to rush through park slope at 40+ MPH with carrying lots of useless crap

  • Steve

    the back-over article is very important. There’s tons of information out there on “front-overs” as well, due to the large “blind spot” immediately in the front Hummers and certain other high-wheelbase vehicles, especially with short drivers. Here’s an example: SUV manufacturers are destined for massive product liability–haven’t they learned yet?

  • lee

    see, i’m thinking that at 530pm there is just too much traffic to get enough speed up to do such a thing. even at 40mph i wouldn’t think you could flip your car. maybe I’m wrong.

    and apropos of nothing I just want to say I’m really annoyed at:
    1) double parkers
    2) double parkers who open their doors into traffic
    3) people who cross the street:
    a) without looking,
    b) against the light; especially
    i) when it has just turned green in the motorists favor
    c) from between two parked cars and then walk at an acute angle halfway down the block with their back to traffic
    d) don’t hold their child’s hand
    e) are ugly.

  • Aaron Naparstek

    That suv in park slope flipped at about 830 am. Article is wrong re time. During the “one way no way” fight we clocked vehicles at 45 mph on that section of 8th ave.

  • Nicolo Macchiavelli

    SUVs and Pick Ups and 4x4s all have a very high center of gravity. They roll over easily. Newer models have tried to bring down that center of gravity to more safe levels but they are still high and will always flip easily. Ironic that they are marketed as safe because of their size. The high center of gravity is good off road or in the winter. But most of the time they are on the road and there is no snow on the ground. Good on the farm not Farmers Blvd.

    Another basic character flaw and a very important safety aspect is Line of Sight (L.O.S.). They are hard to see out of and they are hard to see around and behind. Also, it is hard to see pedestrians between and behind them on a block crowded with SUVs.

    Don’t try to tell anyone driving them this though. Once someone drops $35,000 convincing the wife that she and the kids will be safer in that behemoth denial will be very strong. Undeniable denial.

    I abhor the techno arguments, you guys know I’m all about the politics but…allow me a techno shot at this piece. The more important piece here is from Newsday on the techno nannies that you can install to peak on what your kids are doing. Believe it or not all of that information is already in every vehicle. Safe street advocates should take on accessing the event recorders (black boxes) in every modern vehicles computer system. It is quite easy to envision a monitoring system that would socialize this information and discipline those who violate.

    Like I said, I generally stay away from the techno wizardry but the Newsday piece is pretty compelling. Plus the State of New Jersey just opened Corzine’s black box. Thats a hell of a precedent.

  • jk

    At a minimum cabs— which are heavily regulated and operate as an ancillary to public transit — could have speed data retrieved from their black boxes when they are involved in a crash.

    Anyone interested in the evils of the SUV should read Keith Bradsher’s outstanding book “High and Mighty.” Bradsher was the Detroit reporter for the Times. His book delves into the psychological profiling of the vehicle itself, its creators and its would be owners. Part of the scam was/is creating an arms race effect in which motorists constantly have to buy a bigger vehicle to feel safe from other big vehicles. Incidentally, federal regulators seem not to care that a number of studies have shown SUVs are far more lethal to pedestrians than sedan type cars.

  • There’s of course this by Gladwell too:

    One thing that always crosses my mind when I see out of control speeders are the car commercials, and how you just can’t drive like they do on TV.


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