The Commerce Bank Five Boro Bike Tour

The annual bike tour of the city, through all five boroughs: 42 miles with 30,000 cyclists.

  • Cruz Sanchez

    I enjoyed the ride but want this year’s t shirt. I paid but received last year’s.

  • Ian

    There were no places to put plastic bottles at the rest stops. everything went into regular black plastic garbage bags. Where were the blue recycleable containers to put an estimated 120,000 plastic bottles ?
    also the wait was way too long at the ferry to get home, there were 2 ferries sitting at the dock in staten island just sitting there while 1000’s of riders waited 40 min in the blistering sun……
    and next year could you enforce a speed limit, i saw way too many bikers speeding and cutting off other bike riders, its a tour not a race…
    other then that it was excellent, i cant wait till next year…..

  • Xue

    Ian – exactly, I second everything you said. The wait for the ferry was just a disaster. How about some communication?

    Also, the intentional bottleneck before Central Park needs to change. We were stuck there for over a half hour before we could flow freely into Central Park. And hundreds of cheaters were walking or riding up the sidewalk to try to get around the bottleneck.

  • Jim Flynn

    I, my wife and a friend thought the ride was a disaster. By 11 o’clock we covered a total of 6 miles most of it walking . The rest stops (some closed by the time we reached them) were horrible. Needless to say this was my first and last ny five boro ride. Also I’ll encourage anyone and everyone to avoid this so called ride at all costs. If the organizers can’t accomodate 32,000 riders they should have the common sense to lessen the numbers.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    When I rode the tour back in 1996 (or was it 1995?) and headed out of Fort Wadsworth, I realized that Bay Street and the ferry would be a disaster. I got back on my bike and rode over the Bayonne Bridge and up to the PATH train in Jersey City. It was more of a ride, but I didn’t have to wait for the stupid ferry.

    It wasn’t too long ago that the ferry had 15-minute headways. Wouldn’t people be willing to pay a dollar to get those headways back?

  • Gerry Connor

    How about the morons funneling tens of thousands of riders through a 30 foot wide “exit” at the “Festival” just to make sure we all got to see the “Sponsors” tents. We waited for an hour just to get out on the street and walk again. Shameless and disgusting. We are out. I got your ride right here….

  • Steve Merchant

    I stood in line starting at 6:15 to take the ferry and then waited until almost 9 am before starting. The bottlenecks, the wait to use the port a pots, bib check was just too long. The finishing touch was the hour long wait to exit the park at the end. I did enjoy the opportunity to really see the city, but would not ride again.

  • Carla Pinto

    We enjoyed the tour, which actually started after the massive congestion point upon entering Central Park. Who would have thought that after several decades of organizing these events they still aren’t capable of doing it right? The least they could do is give people a good excuse to voluntarily ride a bike for 42 miles next year! The bike ride itself was fun and gave us an opportunity to see fascinating views of New York. But the mess getting out of the so called “festival” gave us less to desire about participating again. It was a mob scene. After riding for so long why not thank the participants with something less of a headache? Instead they deceivingly welcome us into Staten Island with a so called “festival”. This was NOT my idea of a festival. How about some Sausage and Peppers, or grills here and there?? Lines were 45 min to get a measly hot dog! Fughetaboutit! They also neglected to mention that the festival isn’t the end of the journey. After waiting to get out of the park for 45 minutes we endured another hour of congestion in the streets proceeding to the ferry. Upon getting there, we were a couple of the thousands of hungry, tired, and exasperated participants desperately waiting to get out of there. The finale to the tour left us fellow Americans with true disappointment and a very sour taste in our mouths.


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