Today’s Headlines

  • Congestion Pricing Tops PlaNYC Coverage (NYT, Post, AMNY, Daily News)
  • RELATED: The Mayor’s Ode to Earth Day (NYT)
  • RELATED: Current Traffic System Follows ‘Soviet Model’ (Sun)
  • RELATED: Atlantic Yards Is the Other ‘Elephant in the Room’ (AYR)
  • Court Says Atlantic Yards Demo May Continue (AYR)
  • NYPD Busts ‘Parade Without a Permit’ (Gothamist)
  • DOT Moving Ahead with Ninth Street Lanes (Gowanus Lounge)
  • New HOT Lane Considered for Lincoln Tunnel (Post)
  • MTA Shuttles Employees by Car Service (Post)
  • Crow Has Rove Hissing Over Climate Change (NYT)
  • JF

    I never thought I’d see the Sun redbaiting … Tony Avella? But when I think about it, I can easily imagine some of these commissars spouting populist rhetoric just before being chauffeured to their dachas in Sevastopol, while their constituents stand on food lines in the cold.

    Not Trotskyite so much as Stalinist, in the economic sense rather than the civil-liberties sense.