Auto Free New York Meeting – Charles Komanoff on the Carbon Tax

What do Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan and a tax on carbon emissions have in common? Plenty. Join Streetsblog ontributor Charles Komanoff, co-founder and co-director of the new Carbon Tax Center, for a discussion of the economics and politics of a U.S. carbon tax, at the monthly meeting of Auto-Free New York. Yes, there will be ample time to discuss the Mayor’s pricing plan as well.


The One Carbon Tax That Couldn’t

Assembly Member Richard Brodsky, archenemy of Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan, is urging the mayor to seek a carbon tax instead. So he said, following Monday’s meeting of the Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission, as reported by Streetsblog and confirmed by at least one other observer. I wish Brodsky (pictured) had checked with me first. After […]

Bloomberg Declares Support for a National Carbon Tax

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will declare his support today for a national carbon tax, according to a report posted this morning on the New York Times City Room blog by metro reporter Sewell Chan: Mayor Bloomberg plans to announce today his support for a national carbon tax. In what his aides are calling […]

The Introduction of a New Order of Things

In his essay, "Valuing the Commons," Charles Komanoff discusses congestion pricing and carbon taxes and the difficulty in convincing people to pay for their negative externalities. Komanoff wrote it back in June and it’s on Grist this week: What, then, is standing in the way of congestion fees and a national carbon tax? The power […]

Letter of the Week: Congestion Pricing Diplomacy

The Bloomberg Administration is aiming to push its PlaNYC congestion pricing proposal through this session of the state legislature. That means the entire debate will take place within the next 36 days or so. One thing that you can do as an individual citizens to support the Mayor’s plan is to write a letter to […]