DOT Commissioner Water Cooler Chatter

Sources say…

Janette Sadik-Khan is a front-runner to take over as DOT Commissioner after Iris Weinshall leaves the job on April 13. "It’s her job. She just has to decide whether she wants it."

Joan McDonald, senior vice president at the Economic Development Corporation, has been ruled out. She will not get the job.

Jay_PQ.jpgDan Doctoroff’s headhunters are soliciting resumes from the Land of Congestion Charging. One name that comes up is Jay Walder (right) who just resigned after six years as Transport for London’s Managing Director for Finance and Planning to take a job at McKinsey. The well-liked New Yorker worked at the MTA with Bob Kiley and joined Kiley at TfL back in 2001 to help get London’s congestion charging system up and running.

  • sjt

    these updates are much appreciated.
    thank you.

  • Where’s Bill?

    No updates on Bill Clinton’s candidacy? This gossip service is lame.

  • A. Dotmolsky

    Um, let’s see. Guy leaves high profile job in London where he actually accomplished something. Gets hired by the highest paying, most prestigious management consulting firm on the planet, where he will get paid, what, $300K + bonuses + huge perks minimum? Will he quit that job to take a minimum 50% pay cut in a job that offers almost no possibility of implementing anything? Sure. Why not?

    Rumor mongers, follow the money. The person hired for the job will either be:

    Someone wealthy enough to afford a couple of years of salary hit who REALLY likes the idea of accomplishing nothing and getting trashed in the Post, or

    Someone for whom $175K is a raise

    Someone who spent some time in City gov and could use a couple more years pension credit.

    It WON’T be:

    Someone with kids who gets paid a lot of money at a job he/she enjoys

    Someone without at least some experience relevant to all the other stuff DOT does besides traffic planning.

    Now look at your lists again and see if you can do better.

  • Retroman

    How can one be so sure that Joan McDonald is out of the running. She is an excellent candidate and certainly would have been an Excellent NYSDOT Commisssioner had she received more consideration. Another name that seems to have floated out of the picture is former First Deputy Commissioner Tony Fasulo. Tony actually ran the department under previous commissioners and was the best asset that Iris Weinshall had. If he was willing to come back for the remainder of the Mayor’s term he would be a tremendous Commissioner


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