For or Against NYPD’s Public Assembly Restrictions?

OnNYTurf maps out New York City Councilmembers who are for or against the NYPD’s proposed rules to limit public assembly. Blues are against the NYPD restrictions; red is for.

  • Predictable. Those who are more likely to drive into the city and have to “deal” with cyclists are those more willing to give up their liberty so that cyclists can be harassed.

    While those of us who are less likely to drive are less interested in special rules allowing cyclist harassment.

    I still can’t fathom why my own Council Member Jessica Lappin seems to be confused on this issue. Yes, delivery bicycles are a bit unruly around here, but really!?

  • ddartley

    Support for the proposal is the result of not thinking about it. To most people not directly concerned with the issue, the proposal seems, at a glance, like a reasonable one, so they don’t give it any more thought, and just figure they support it.

    The proposal however is insidious: it is presented as a less strict version of the rejected one, but because it also applies to law-abiding street users, it is a MORE dangerous attack of First Amendment rights than the last one.

    Further, it is the result of a battle of egos between NYPD and Critical Mass. Say what you will about Critical Mass, but my City government should not be making policy based on emotion or a battle of wills. This stupid fight is inflicting collateral damage. I have real problems with Critical Mass, but if this new proposal gets adopted, I might just start riding in it again.

  • Pretty strange that eastern Queens has two reps on the right side of the issue, but there are none in the Bronx. It’s also strange that Liu, Lappin and Quinn are on the wrong side of this.

  • The solution is easy enough: all those outer borough types can stay there, and restrict public assembly all they want. We solve our congestion problem, they get have have racist parades and pat each other on the back about creeping totalitarianism. Another reason for Manhattan to secede from New York.

  • Rob

    Can somebody come up with a nice letter outlining the faults of this proposed law? I will sign it and foward it to my assemblyman. I live in Astoria.

  • Rob-
    my friend and I drafted this yesterday when we say the onnyturf’s website

    Dear Councilman (put name here), I’m sure you’re well aware of the NYPD’s proposed parade rule changes. I live in your district and I’m a daily bicycle commuter and I need your help. I urge you to take a stand against the NYPD’s overly restrictive rule changes. The police should not be creating the laws, they should be enforcing laws written by our elected officials. Several NY state judges have endorsed this position in rulings against the NYPD in favor of city cyclists, yet these decisions by our judges have not deterred the NYPD from continuing to wage their war against cyclists. Clearly the proposed laws are intended to target and discourage cyclists at a time when a healthy, environmentally responsible choice such as cycling should be encouraged. Thirty cyclists are not a parade…they ARE traffic. Are thirty cars a parade? Thank you for you time.

  • ddartley


    Don’t wait (and risk forgetting to contact your Council Member). Even if you have nothing else to say, you should still write and just ask them to oppose NYPD’s new parade rules proposal.

    But if you want to find stuff to add, pick stuff out from the comments here, or on previous posts and comments here on the subject
    Here are two:

  • An Outer Borough Type for Free Speech

    re: #4

    many, if not most, of the people posting on this blog are “outer borough types” (including its moderator). “racist parades”??? please. those “All in the Family” episodes you’re watching are RERUNS.

    the real reason for Manhattan to secede from NYC is that it has become a culturally stale playground for the wealthy. how’s THAT for a sweeping generalization (with more than a grain of truth)?

  • Hey, I live in Manhattan, and I have to say, you’re right! Except for the upper half, and dwindling pockets in the lower half…

  • someguy

    #8, that is an incredibly effective description, you nailed it.

    #9, the upper half? If you’re referring to areas that are NOT culturally stale playgrounds for the wealthy, you must mean the half above 110th Street =)

    -YAOBT (Yet Another “Outer” Borough Type)

  • Perhaps, depends on which “side” you’re talking about, and what you mean by “culturally stale” … and I’m not going to get into a discussion about that! 😉

  • I was talking about Broad Channel, not fiction.

  • BBQ

    Manhattan is well on its way to becoming the LEAST ethnically diverse of the five boroughs, if it’s not already there. Although I suppose suburban transplants are also sort of an ethnic group; and one of the fastest-growing, considering they wouldn’t dare live here before the Giuliani years. And guess what? They brought their CARS with them.

    Yet another reason to secede… leave what little is left of the real NYC for us “outer borough types”.

  • ddartley,
    I love your posts here on the S’blog, but I’ve got to take issue with your (and anyone else’s depiction of Critical Mass as a group or organization.

    On cannot claim the rules result from a battle of wills between the NYPD and Critical Mass. How does a bike ride have volition and express itself? That’s like arguing that a stock market or a board of trade has a will. There are trends, sure, but those are the result of a collective decisions made by individuals reacting to stimuli in their environment. It is only a group ad hoc for the duration of the ride.

    Likewise, 99% of cops couldn’t care less about this issue (including many of the arresting officers who refuse to show up at court to defend the tickets). There are a few high ranking brass in DCPI (intel unit) and the borough command, maybe as high as the Commish, who are using this as an opportunity to consolidate NYPD control over streets.

    The remarkable byproduct of the crackdown on the ride is a wholesale politicizing of riders, many whom 2 years ago only considered this an expression of environmental or social concern (if they thought they were expressing anyting), so that one of the better 1st Amendment struggles in the city is exercised the last Friday of every month while pedaling.

    It’s the willingness of individuals to resist this trend and risk summonses or arrest that gives the impression that “Critical Mass” has a will and is engaged in a struggle with the police.

  • ddartley

    Efficiency Nut:

    I more or less take your points about the riders.

    I definitely take your point about the police, though, and again, like when I made comments at the last hearing on the parade rules, I regret forgetting to say “NYPD brass” instead of just “NYPD.”

  • Anne

    it seems fair, and necessary, to mention that Broad Channel is about as unrepresentative a place as you could find when it comes to defining “the outer boroughs”.

  • I’m sorry, I meant Howard Beach.

  • Anne

    that is like saying that Trump Tower is representative of all of Manhattan.

  • Anne

    when in fact Manhattan is now best represented by the Disney-esque “new Times Square”.


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