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  • ddartley

    in re the “Police” item above, I have to post here what I posted there (with slight edits, since I wrote it in emotional haste!):

    There needs to be a change of culture. Too many NYPD cops come from suburbs and don’t understand non-car life (even though they work in perhaps the most dominantly non-car city in the world), and don’t understand the TRUTH that motoring destroys everything!

    I was doored recently–by a taxi who was illegally discharging passengers in a travel lane, and the cop who showed up treated me the whole time as if I was the one who had done something wrong. I had done nothing wrong.

  • Eric

    Thanks for posting the article on Betsy Gotbaum’s “driver problem.”

    I hadn’t heard a thing about her since she won re-election in 2004, and I was beginning to worry something bad might have happened to her. I’m glad to know that she’s doing fine, invisibly “advocating” for the “public” and effectively carrying out her one-woman crusade to prove that she is very likely the single worst elected official in New York City (and that’s not for lack of competition).

  • ddhartley,
    I totally agree with you. Way too many NYPD cops live outside the city (especially Long Island). Many of these officers HATE the city, and complain all day about the people here. They will not feel any restraint when mistreating locals or sticking to procedure. However, if a police officer lives in or near the neighborhood in which he/she patrols – I imagine he/she would be much less likely to abuse their power.

    I speak from experience, I have a family member who is a detective in the city, lives in Long Island and … well… I am going to stop there.

  • Take away the parking placards and give them reduced rate housing near mass transit hubs. Same with teachers and fire fighters.