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  • Bus rapid transit is an oxymoron. When LaGuardia rammed buses down New Yorkers’ throats in the 1940’s, surface transit speeds slowed down and cost rose. LaGuardia, Robert Moses, et al, couldn’t wait to junk the Third Avenue Railway System’s streetcars in Manhattan, the Bronx and Yonkers. LaGuardia tried to rip up the Third Avenue Railway streetcars during WWII, but Roosevelt’s War Department stopped him because of fuel rationing. Streetcar abandonment was resumed with zeal in 1945, and the whole system was gone by the early 1950’s.

    Buses accelerate very slowly compared to streetcars. Buses’ depreciable lives are about a third the length of that of streetcars. Electric motors are lower maintenance than internal combustion. Streetcars can be coupled together at rush hour, reducing operator labor cost. Buses are dependent on fossil fuel or expensive alternatives like ethanol and compressed natural gas.

    If New Yorkers insist on sticking with rubber-tired surface transit vehicles, they should at least opt for overhead-wire-supplied electric trolley buses. Trolley buses have better acceleration and lower maintenance cost than internal combustion buses.

    The US is over-reliant on internal combustion.

  • P

    “Bus rapid transit is an oxymoron”

    Nice pro-streetcar rant- but this statement isn’t true.

  • AD

    Please, please let the Second Avenue Subway get built.