Headlines You Don’t Want to See Above a Photo of Your Block

"Study Finds the Potential Choke Points of Atlantic Yards"


The "potential choke point" depicted above, the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Union Street at the bottom of Park Slope, is half a block down the street from Streetsblog headquarters.

I suppose this confirms that the Empire State Development Corporation is not yet considering my idea of eliminating west-bound traffic on Union Street and turning half of the road into a greenway connecting the Brooklyn waterfront to Prospect Park.

On the bright side, the worse traffic gets, the more we have to write about.

  • mfs

    One of the major mitigations they recommended was closing the northbound side of 4th avenue between Atlantic and Flatbush. I don’t get that- how will people going up 4th ave get to the Manhattan bridge or BQE if they can’t turn left on Flatbush? Are they planning a diversion to 3rd ave?

    It seems like the main point of the mitigations is to turn Atlantic & flatbush aves into more of the drag strips than they already are by moving traffic as quickly as possible through the intersections.

    Also isn’t it funny how a state agency is now dictating traffic policy for the city? Well not ha-ha funny.

  • SR

    The Ratner Organization says that this is the ideal location for their BIG project because of the great public transportation in the area.

    But doesn’t the present level of excessive trafffic on the streets demonstrate a problem as well with the public transportation in this area?

    How id the public transport hub such a asset given the ground congestion? Could it be that the public transportation isn’t serving Brooklyn as it should be? Might we need to look at public transport fixes to the street congestion problems?

  • Bill Bixley

    I grew up at at the corner at 9th stret and 7th avenue. That was when there was a Diamond’s Bar. Great intersection until I was run over by the B-67 and squashed.


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