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Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal‘s diamond-studded, mink-furnished $4.8 million Mercedes SL600 Mercedes, his 38th car. Source: TransportTrends


Mercedes: Reckless Driving Is Smarter

Here’s a particularly egregious bit of "open road" propaganda from Mercedes. In this ad, currently airing in US markets, a new Benz GLK whips through the narrow streets of what appears to be a small European village, the inhabitants of which are reduced to slo-mo scenery. As the narrator talks up the GLK’s "smarter" performance […]

Mercedes Exploits the Daredevil Cyclist Stereotype

You might have seen it making the rounds over the last couple of days — the new Mercedes ad in which a bike messenger challenges a driver in one of the company’s luxury vehicles to a race from Harlem to the Fulton Ferry landing in Brooklyn. There are many irritating things about the ad, including […]

Today’s Headlines

DOT Commish Contenders have Vastly Different Visions (NY Sun) No Way One-Way Protests in Park Slope Pick Up Speed (Gowanus Lounge) Robert Moses Lives (Metropolis Mag) Coney Island Demo: What Will the Future Look Like? (Gowanus Lounge) Spitzer Pushes for Bigger Javits Center Expansion (NY Times) All Future Mercedes to Offer Hybrid Option (Wired) Start-Up […]

Is Car-Crushing Mayor Arturas Zuokas on the Prowl in New York?

Think twice before blocking that bike lane. Arturas Zuokas, the Mercedes-crushing mayor of the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, has launched a new campaign to curb illegal parking. Here is Zuokas, as quoted from a press release: “Every single day, we go about our work and try to be good citizens. And we run into obstacles […]