Streetfilms: Broadway & Houston

Broadway & Houston
A Clarence Eckerson Streetfilm
Running time: 1:51, 7.20 MB, QuickTime

Just a few blocks east of where cyclist Derek Lake was killed yesterday, community activist Charle-John Caffiero tells Streetfilms’ Mark Gorton how one of the busiest and most vital pedestrian crossings in New York City is currently being redesigned by DOT to become more car friendly — at the expense of pedestrian safety.

"So, this eight foot pedestrian safety zone is going to be reduced from the eight feet that it is, to two feet, leaving pedestrians which are the majority of the street users here, having no space to stand" Caffiero says, standing amidst throngs of pedestrians on the corner of Broadway and Houston.

"The timing of the light is so short that they inevitably get caught on this pedestrian haven which at least gives them a little protection. That protection is going to be taken away by DOT."