DOT: Cars Cars Cars Cars Car Cars Cars Carscars (Of Course, Cars Cars)

Cars. Cars cars cars. Photo: Cars
Cars. Cars cars cars. Photo: Cars
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Cars cars cars cars cars — because cars cars cars with cars in cars driving with cars.

The city Department of Transportion cars cars on Thursday with cars in cars cars and cars cars cars in a city of cars cars and cars cars. Protected with cars cars cars.

“Cars cars cars cars cars,” said DOT Commissioner Auto Carscarscar. “Cars are cars for cars cars cars. But, yes, of course, cars cars and some non-cars in the car areas which are cars cars cars cars cars.”

Statistically, of course, Carscarscar pointed out that cars cars cars cars cars in all public areas of the city, with a small number of cars cars cars cars cars adding to the cars cars cars within cars cars cars parameters.

“Cars,” he said.

Even cars cars cars thought that Carscarscar was car-ing cars cars cars.

“We believe cars cars cars cars cars level of service cars car,” said Carportation Carscarscarscar spokescar Carrington Carsworth. “But cars cars cars cars cars all over Car Car City!”

New York Police and Car Department statistics show that cars cars cars cars cars to the point that cars cars cars car, even in the car car car of Upper Carside.

But cars continued to cars cars car carscarring all over Forest Hills and even Carsingleton Avenue.

“It’s like I have said all along,” said Carscarscar. “Cars cars car cars cars car car. And one or two bikes.”

Gersh Kuntzman is the editor of Streetsblog. He periodically writes the Cycle of Rage column, which is opinion and typically not, as this piece is, satire. They are archived here.


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