Monday’s Headlines: She’s Gone Edition

Believe it or not, the derelict bike is gone from Eagle Street. Photo: Jon Orcutt
Believe it or not, the derelict bike is gone from Eagle Street. Photo: Jon Orcutt

It’s almost enough to make us break out in song — specifically Hall and Oates’s “She’s Gone.”

As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, there’s now a freshly cleaned bike rack on Eagle Street just east of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

Winter, spring, summer or fall/What will happen if you call?
The long saga of an abandoned bike in New York City.

The saga of this particular bike rack was covered extensively in Streetsblog. As told by Jon Orcutt, someone abandoned a bike frame on it two years ago, but then the rack became disattached from the sidewalk — only to be reinstalled with the abandoned bike still attached — by city workers. We reported the abandoned bike to 311, but the Sanitation Department closed the case and claimed the problem had been “addressed,” which we covered in these pages (photo montage right).

That must have done the trick because, as the song goes, she’s gone — and we better learn how to face it.

Anyway, in other news:

  • Gov. Cuomo is likely done. If he doesn’t resign (as, the Times reported, top Albany leaders demanded), he risks being impeached (which requires a simple majority in the Assembly and two-thirds of the Senate and Court of Appeals justices). Given that his own party is pushing him out, it should be easy to come up with the 47 votes, as we laid out in this tweet:

  • With ridership still way down, the MTA has made some LIRR service cuts. The agency calls it “right-sizing.” (NYDN)
  • A Brooklyn woman who cops initially said was found dead at the corner of New Lots and Van Sinderen avenues was actually killed by a backhoe driver. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • The MTA apparently doesn’t really keep track of stuff it needs to fix in the subway. (NYDN)
  • A man on a bicycle was injured by a woman in a fancy Mercedes near Canal Street. (amNY)
  • A Staten Island firetruck driver struck and critically injured a young boy. (NY Post)
  • With city officials doing nothing on helicopter noise, the feds will try again. (Gothamist)
  • Gothamist also covered the news from Friday’s DOT presser in The Bronx (we had promised full-team coverage, but, alas…)
  • Don’t forget our March (Parking) Madness series, which kicks off today with a stirring editorial and two first-round battles: one in the Bronx and one in Queens. Remember to vote!
  • And, finally, mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang took a ride on Saturday with StreetsPAC. Our sources tell us there was not much news, but Politico’s Joe Anuta did a thread on Twitter.


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