UPDATED: Out-of-Control Driver Hits and Kills 10-Year-Old Boy in Midwood

The carnage continues, as the city racks up its 150th traffic fatality this year.

The bus stop where 10-year-old Enzo Farachio was killed by an out-of-control driver.
The bus stop where 10-year-old Enzo Farachio was killed by an out-of-control driver.

An out-of-control driver mounted the sidewalk and ran over a 10-year-old boy waiting at a bus stop in Midwood on Tuesday, killing him, police said.

Cops say the 59-year-old driver was heading north on Ocean Avenue when he “veered to the right,” hopped the curb, and fatally struck the little boy, Enzo Farachio, who was standing on the sidewalk near Avenue L at about 2:45 p.m.

The driver, behind the wheel of a grey Lexus SUV, then plowed into an Ocean Avenue building, causing the scaffolding to come crashing down.

Paramedics rushed Farachio to New York Community Hospital, where he died.

Police say a 9-year-old girl old, who was also a passenger in the car during the time of the fatal crash, was taken to Kings County Hospital with injuries to her pelvis and arm. Paramedics transported the driver to Kings County Hospital with head injuries, according to ABC news.

Police did not make any arrests or issue any tickets — cops could not answer questions about whether the driver was speeding or distracted, but told Bklyner that he “possibly suffered a medical episode.”

But the driver’s totaled car and broken scaffolding suggests he may have been going above Ocean Avenue’s 25 miles-per-hour speed limit — and the car he was driving had racked up four school zone speed camera violations, according to reporters at the scene, who ran his plates through HowsMyDriving.

Ocean Avenue is a four-lane road devoted entirely to motor vehicles. Three pedestrians and 12 motorists have been injured in 15 crashes the area surrounding the Avenue L intersection since 2017.

The 10-year-old boy is at least the 150th person killed on the streets of New York City this year — which is a 17 percent increase from 2018, according to the Department of Transportation.

The executive director of Transportation Alternatives, Danny Harris, sent the boy’s family the “deepest condolences” of the “entire Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets community.”

“This tragedy is testament to the fact that there is virtually no place in the city where residents are safe from the onslaught of cars — not in the crosswalk, not in the bike lane, not even on the sidewalk,” Harris said in a statement. “Crashes like these are not accidents, but the preventable and predictable result of a city where cars, not people, are the priority. As a result, children like this 10-year-old boy and hundreds of others pay the price with their lives each and every year.”

This story was updated to reflect Harris’s statement.

  • Voter

    The number of New Yorkers killed by drivers is now 10 times the number of primary voters who come out to see Bill de Blasio speak at campaign appearances.

  • Junker

    If that fucker was texting he should be flayed.

  • Area Resident

    “Ocean Avenue is a four-lane road devoted entirely to motor vehicles. Three pedestrians and 12 motorists have been injured in 15 crashes the area surrounding the Avenue L intersection since 2017.”

    Ocean Avenue is very similar to nearby Coney Island Avenue (nine blocks away), where Jose Alzorriz, was killed last month in a chain of events caused by a speeding driver near Avenue L. It is another large, wide speedway lacking bicycle lanes.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’ll say it again. Human error is inevitable given enough humans doing something.

    But the automobile companies now have the technology to install a fail-safe system that would have prevented something like this. Even if that technology is not yet ready to replace the human driver in traffic, it could act as a check on human drivers.

    Uber wants to go driverless for money reasons. The robocar providers might now look and cracking down on pedestrians and bikes to overcome their deficiencies. But thats because they are looking at this technology as an all or nothing thing.

    The individual is responsible for the individual crash. But perhaps we should be saying the driver killed the kid, but Lexus both gave him the means and failed to prevent him from doing so.

  • Paul52

    The issue is cars and drivers. And from the increasing number of crashes like this it appears that we need a whole lot more traffic enforcement especially in areas where a disproportionate number of crashes are occurring (if COMPSTAT can be deployed against crimes, it can be deployed against moving violations).
    And I’ll repeat that we need to stiffen criminal laws to make it possible to jail drivers who kill and maim when the fail to exercise due care with lethal weapons.

    But I can’t help but note that if this 10 year old had been on the sidewalk with a bicycle there’d be 150 comments here by now.

    As with the crash last month that killed Jose Alzorriz, who was simply waiting for the light to change, the issue is driving, not biking. Anyone standing in the area where Mr. Alzorriz was waiting would have been killed, bike or not.

    And it’s no coincidence that that crash occurred just a few blocks from this one. It’s perhaps the biggest part of the City that lacks a bisecting limited access highway, and justifiably so (NO, don’t build one). Drivers there seem to think they can make up for the lack of a highway by speeding on the parallel avenues, Ocean and Coney Island. They’re wrong and we need more enforcement.

    Even if a bike wasn’t involved.

  • MotoBX

    Might as well call this Bicyclesblog. More comments on the NYPD bashing a kid’s bike.

  • AJ

    Backup cams are standard by law now. Maybe lane assist and blind spot monitoring should be standard too?

  • jeremy

    Not a single car is driving the speed limit

  • Isaac B


    I grew up and went to school in southern Brooklyn and visit often. I understand the transportation culture. Must local trips can be made relatively easily on foot or by transit. Yet too many are made by car, leading to impatience and road rage. Yet, it’s socially expected that if you’re “somebody”, you drive. It would be a huge win if 25% of current car trips were substituted by walking, biking and/or transit. But first, we need to “de-stigmatize” not driving. And we need to shame and penalize aggressive, inappropriate behavior on the road.

    Ironically, there will be people in this community who will point to this tragedy as proof that it’s safer to drive your child than to “let them walk and take the bus”.

  • Isaac B

    Don’t you have a motorcycle advocates organization meeting to attend?

  • MotoBX

    Nice try, but your sarcasm falls flat.

    I guess you missed the How to be Witty in Comments lecture.

  • Mara

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  • AMH

    All the NYPD speculation exonerating the driver and pointing to the child “possibly using a cell phone” is disgusting. If you’re at risk of a medical episode you should never be driving, period.

  • Jose Cohan

    Disgusting you are…..with these b.s Bay thing. Where are you even here at this tragic news page??!!

    You are disgusting


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