SUV Driver Kills Cyclist He Suspected Of Breaking Into His Car [UPDATED]

The aftermath of Monday's crash in Bushwick, in which a driver ran over a cyclist and then flipped his Jeep. Photo by ElJayGee3
The aftermath of Monday's crash in Bushwick, in which a driver ran over a cyclist and then flipped his Jeep. Photo by ElJayGee3

[UPDATE 9:50am Tuesday]: Police have charged Korey Johnson, the driver of the Jeep, with murder and manslaughter. The original story is below.

An alleged burglar on bicycle is dead and an SUV driver is likely facing charges after a deadly confrontation in Bushwick this morning, police said — the 21st cyclist fatality this year.

Police said the 41-year-old driver of a black Jeep Cherokee saw a man apparently trying to break into his car at the corner of Ellery Street and Marcus Garvey Boulevard at 6 a.m.

The driver confronted the 47-year-old man, who he said turned and stabbed him with a screwdriver before fleeing down Marcus Garvey Boulevard on a bicycle, the police said.

Police said the driver then gave chase to the man, slamming the cyclist into a row of parked cars, killing him. The cyclist is the 21st such death in the city this year, versus 10 in all of 2018.


  • Vooch

    “…driver was taken into custody….”

    wow, thats a change.

  • r

    Vigilantism is the inevitable outcome of Bill de Blasio and the NYPD allowing a culture of lawlessness to fester among the city’s entitled motorists.

  • Joe R.

    If the cyclist was really breaking into cars and stealing radios I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy here. However, that remains to be established. Given the NYPD’s penchant for making stuff up, it’s entirely possible this cyclist maybe just delayed the motorist for a few seconds elsewhere, and the driver took it out on him. Also, I don’t have much sympathy for the driver, regardless of the series of events leading up to this. A death sentence for robbery is a bit harsh. Also, while using his motor vehicle as a weapon, he could easily have killed or injured innocent bystanders. The appropriate thing to do would have been to take the cyclist’s picture, then call the police.

  • Joe R.

    Really, look at that mess. How could they not arrest the driver? Sometimes a driver crosses over the very high bar of lawlessness the NYPD sets, and has to be arrested.

  • JL

    Sheesh… I’m glad he got his car back. I’m pretty sure his insurance is going up for when he gets out.

    Don’t touch my car man.

  • John A.

    The cyclist slashed a woman with his screwdriver as he was trying to get away. The driver shouldn’t have chased him and the cyclist shouldn’t have slashed a woman.

  • Not Another Joe

    How can you even contemplate doing this to another human? From the damage you can tell that this driver didn’t just try to intimidate them, they wanted to outright murder them in the quickest and easiest way possible. This driver is an absolute psychopath.

  • Mmm

    Photos from the scene seem to show a safety vest similar to those used by NYPD on the car’s dashboard. And if the plate is JJT2385, there’s 5 violations since early August including back to back school zone violations.

  • walks bikes drives

    “I didnt see him.”

    “And those other cars just came out of no where.”

  • Vooch

    Someone on Gothamist suggested the plate had 2 blue stripes on it. (after zooming in on the photo )

  • One Two Three

    The cyclist ALLEGEDLY slashed a woman. We don’t know what actually happened before the mea was killed.

    Regardless, you don’t kill someone because they tried to steal sometimes from you. You don’t chase them down and murder them–putting other people’s lives at risk in the process.

  • One Two Three

    Explain to us how the Mayor and the police could have prevented this?

  • Catlin M Wojtkowski

    you think someone should be murdered for maybe stealing a car radio?

  • Catlin M Wojtkowski

    the mayor and the police could have made sure that anyone who killed a cyclist with their car actually got charged for the crime – I’m sure the driver didn’t think they were going to flip their car. I’m sure the driver thought hey, I can hit him and run and just say “I didn’t think I hit anyone” that’s the code word for the NYPD and the DA – both of who report to the Mayor – use to get out of having any consequences for hitting a cyclist. – need I go on?

  • One Two Three

    That’s the job of the District Attorney’s Office to charge people with crime. The Mayor cannot charge a person with anything as he has ZERO prosecutorial power.

    The Police report to the Mayor, the DA does not. The DA is an elected official.

    I agree to that motorists literarily get away with murder. If that’s going to change it needs to start with STATE legislators who create the laws and District Attorneys who can enforce it

  • Catlin M Wojtkowski

    if you don’t think the Mayor can have a conversation with the DA of their city about how they prosecute criminals then I don’t know what to tell ya – if they mayor wanted to prioritize charging people who kill cyclist – he could absolutely do so – how about publicly stating so? How about not going on the radio to say it’s okay to park in the bike lane? How about attending any of the memorials for cyclist killed by drivers? The Mayor runs the city – he absolutely could create an environment where not charging people who kill other people is acceptable.

  • Joe R.

    “Not having sympathy”, which is what I wrote, doesn’t mean thinking getting killed for stealing is appropriate. As another example, suppose someone trespasses on railroad tracks, then gets killed by a train. I’m not glad they died, but I have no sympathy for them in the sense that they chose to put themselves in harm’s way, and suffered the consequences. If a person decides to engage in stealing as a vocation, there is the very real consequence they can be killed for their troubles. If that happens, I’m not glad it happened, but at the same time I don’t have any sympathy for them, either. They chose to engage in a knowingly dangerous profession where getting killed is a very real possibility.

    Of course, it remains to be established that the dead cyclist was in fact stealing. It could easily be yet another NYPD fabrication to make it seem like the cyclist was partly responsible for his own demise.

  • Renegade

    it’s the principal of the matter! some people are sensitive when it comes to their privacy and property! you violate someones property and privacy especially if you have very little to begin with? Then it’s an automatic street justice scenario! if you catch him unharmed? Good..if you maim him or he gets himself killed while resisting citizens arrest? That’s God’s Will , in the eyes of the persuer!

  • Catlin M Wojtkowski

    One man’s god’s will is another man’s murder.

  • BronxEE2000

    I don’t think this should count the same way as the other cyclist deaths. This looks like a guy going after someone who just so happened to be on a bike. Not that it should have happened in the first place.

  • stairbob

    Sometimes people mess with my bicycle when I leave it locked in public. Are you saying I should murder someone?

  • Daphna

    This was deliberate instead of from preventable driver error which is the typical cause of traffic deaths. But despite the deliberation, it shows the same problem: the person this driver targeted was vulnerable being on a bike, and would have been vulnerable as a pedestrian, but had the targeted person been in a car himself, he would have had excellent chances of survival. It would have been nearly impossible for Korey Johnson to kill the 47 year old male with his vehicle if that person was also in a vehicle. So this death, like other tragedies, shows the need to have infrastructure that protects vulnerable road uses, and gives them as much protection and separation as possible from motor vehicles; and this story also underscores the need to hold drivers who kill accountable, whether on purpose or through negligence and lack of attention.

  • Daphna

    Wow. One person dead. Massive damage to multiple parked vehicles. Massive damage to the perpetuator’s vehicle. The perpetuator facing jail and prison. All this versus the cost of replacing a potentially damaged or stolen radio. Someone with Korey Johnson’s level of rage is a danger to society.

  • Exactly. This is more of a psychotic rage story than anything else.

  • Joe R.

    This is just a variation of the old saying “live by the sword, die by the sword”. A person chooses a life of crime, then they have to accept the fact that there may come a time someone will kill them in defense of their life or property. Also, it’s not even street justice any more once the person is in your home. At that point in most places it’s legal to kill them. Some states require that you felt threatened. Others states with “stand your ground” laws allow you to kill the person just for being in your home without your consent.

  • Daphna

    New York plate JJT2385 (Korey Johnson) got 5 tickets in August: 2 for speeding in school zones, and 3 for parking, and currently owes $375.

  • SSkate

    IIRC, the 8 people killed on the WSBP a couple years ago by the terrorist wannabe were not counted as traffic deaths by NYPD.

  • Joseph S

    That’s a very myopic way of looking at it. It’s not just the one stolen radio. It’s all the radios that would be stolen until the thief was finally stopped.

  • Joseph S

    If you don’t there is no point in owning property. We can’t just let people steal. Everyone has the right to defend their property. It is the moral duty of every good citizen to defend other’s property.

  • Joe R.

    My bigger issue isn’t the thieves but the idiots who allow the thievery to occur by not securing their property. Of course, when stuff is out there ripe for the pickings people are going to try to take it. It’s just human nature. There’s nothing I hate more than an unlocked foot locker:

  • Joe R.

    I told my brother about this incident and mentioned the part about the cyclist supposedly stealing car radios. He told me this isn’t the ’80s. Stealing radios isn’t even a thing any more. I really think the police are making up that part of it.

  • Joseph S

    It wouldn’t be “murder”. It would be justified killing. If I can kill someone messing with my bike I will.

  • Not Another Joe

    We can’t just let people run over people at 40mph because of petty theft. That’s not how any civilized society functions.

  • Joseph S

    We can’t just let people get away with petty theft. That’s not how any civilized society functions.

  • djx

    “A death sentence for robbery is a bit harsh. ”

    Ya think?

  • Kevin Dann

    If Streetsblog did a survey of its reader/ridership, I wonder how many of us would report having at least once having been chased or intentionally almost sideswiped by cars. Last week I was in a turning lane by the Navy Yard, and a car sped up and veered at me because he didn’t like that I was in the road. At the light, I got off my bike to take a photo of his license plate, and he jumped out of the car, yelled obscenities at me, and then batted my phone to the pavement, smashing it. His girlfriend was in the passenger seat, screaming at him to stop, while he continued to threaten me. Welcome to life as a NYC bicyclist!

  • Joe R.

    Happened to me at least ten times in my 41+ years of riding. I don’t recall doing anything at all beyond existing when it happened each time.

  • Not Another Joe

    Choosing not to chase down and execute someone with your car car is not the same as letting them get away with theft. If you’re so easily conflating the two right now, I highly suggest you check yourself in for a mental evaluation ASAP.

  • Simon Phearson

    I can go several days without it happening, but it’s definitely happened to me on multiple occasions (including yesterday).

  • Simon Phearson

    Anyone who can look at that video and say, “yep, that’s how civilized society should function,” is not worth listening to.

  • Joseph S

    It is the same. If you don’t do anything about it no one else will and thus the thief gets away with theft.

  • JL

    Dumbass and Furious—

    Executing someone for petty theft might actually BE the definition of an uncivilized society.

  • SoMuchForThat

    so many here are blatantly missing the main point of this story.. the cyclist did not get murdered for attempted robbery.. the cyclist SLASHED/STABBED the vehicle’s owner and/or his female partner. THAT in itself changes the whole ball game. I guess if someone violently and PHYSICALLY attacks you or someone you cared for, you’d just send them off will kisses blown into the air and well wishes that they change their life around soon… SMH at you politically correct, selectively blind folk

  • newyorkscalmest

    “Preventable driver error.” Uh, in this case it would’ve been an error if he missed. That was highly intentional.

  • And how exactly did you determine “no one else will”

  • John Negro

    “This was deliberate instead of from preventable driver error…”


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