Friday’s Headlines: The Times Gets It Right and Trottenberg Gets It Wrong Edition

This sign is no more. Photo: Kings County Politics
This sign is no more. Photo: Kings County Politics

Our editor is up in Vermont taking his daughter to college, so we’ll keep this short and sweet: The best story of the day yesterday was that Times editorial.

Looks like Streetsblog is rubbing off on our friends at the Gray Lady, as the Paper of Record editorialized on the need for more cycling safety. “On street safety, as with many other issues, the mayor needs to think bigger, and more creatively,” the Times opined. We could not have said it better ourselves (though we recently did)!

Here’s the rest of the news:

  • While the Times was being disappointed by the mayor, Streetsblog is being betrayed by Polly Trottenberg, who has quietly folded part of the residential loading zone program hailed by Streetsblog last month. Trottenberg caved because residents of Fort Greene complained they got parking tickets for leaving their cars in “No parking” zones. But the same drivers also complain of all the double-parked trucks. Trottenberg should have called out their hypocrisy and stuck to her plan. (NYDN)
  • Advocates are still upset at all the MTA secrecy (Brooklyn Eagle).
  • Dial “M” for “mishugah.” (NY Post)
  • The Post continues to be the Paper of Record when it comes to lame LIRR work rules — and MTA overtime. That said, amNY also covered.
  • Everyone followed Thursday’s Daily News scoop about the DOT’s annual mobility report — which shows very little mobility. Gothamist had the best take.
  • Queens Council Member Bob Holden still doesn’t like bus lanes that help thousands of people get to work. He prefers storage for cars not even being used. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Larry Littlefield

    More “anti-worker hate speech” I guess.

    Why is it only the fairness of MTA workers relative to other workers (aka the serfs) that can be questioned? That and Wall Street, I guess.

    Perhaps because people are upset that they will have to pay an additional fee to the MTA. But that’s because all the taxes were diverted to more politically powerful priorities, and debt was loaded onto the agency.

    Which requires more taxes and fees to be added with every MTA capital plan. Until the last one. That’s why there really was no 2015 to 2019 plan. Just a fraud. And there will be no plan after 2024. Just the gradual abandonment of the transit system — and region.

    Meanwhile, the schools are suing the rest of us, claiming they have been cheated out of $billions. No one dares to say otherwise. And we have nearly 3 times as many cops relative to population as the U.S. average. And politicians demand more cops. NYC home health care employment is going exponential, for reason unexplained. Etc.

  • MotoBX

    “Advocates are still upset at all the MTA secrecy”

    Yet somehow advocates aren’t upset at all the Congestion Pricing secrecy. NYS politicians are cowards.

  • Creating a no parking zone overnight with zero notice and then going straight to ticket is exactly how you create controversy and a lack of trust

    Good job screwing that up Polly

  • Joe Mama

    They bungled the rollout and now are abandoning part of it after they got burned, giving us literally the worst of both worlds. Should’ve refunded everyone during a 5 day grace period and kept it in place. Trottenberg is beyond pathetic.

  • Resident

    Total incompetence on her part. Self-sabotage of the highest order.

  • Voter

    “City officials say creating hardened barriers for bike lanes is complicated by the number of city vehicles like street cleaners and fire trucks that have to navigate older, narrow streets. But many of these problems are not insurmountable. The city could purchase smaller sanitation vehicles for narrow streets, for example. The city’s fire officials can work closely with transportation officials to see what’s possible.”

    It was so satisfying to see even the *New York Times* call out DOT’s bullsh*t excuse making here. A real problem in the Trottenberg era is the default to negative thinking. Glad to read a takedown like this.

  • 6SJ7

    The signage was a bit confusing too. Many delivery trucks won’t park in a ‘No Parking’ zone even to unload. The NYCDOT has more appropriate signage available or could have created a sign which specifically allowed truck and passenger vehicle unloading. 7am to 7pm was excessive. 8am to 6pm makes more sense.

  • More “anti-worker hate speech” I guess.

    You guess correctly. And Streetsblog’s act of linking to pro-fascist propagandists for this hate speech is shameful.

    The LIRR workers owe no apologies for having won good compensation in collective bargaining. They deserve the praise and respect of all workers and all people of conscience.

  • AMH

    Yeah, why wouldn’t they issue warnings for the first week or two, like they do with new bus lanes?

  • AMH

    Yeah, the signage pictured is completely wrong for a loading zone. Other loading zones are signed like this:

  • Ian Turner

    Question: Does this logic apply also to executive pay? Why or why not?

  • No. Because executives are not workers.

    Executives belong to the class that systematically appropriates the value created by workers.

  • Ian Turner

    Ah. And who is systematically appropriating the value created by LIRR workers?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Sounds like what certain parts of the public sector is doing in certain places.

    They “won.” Who lost? People who were not represented in the bargaining, between self dealers who were all on the same side.

    Executive pay works the same way.

    Perhaps the “fairness” of the 1970s will be recreated soon.

  • We could certainly do with a return to the 1970s, when about a third of American workers were unionised, as opposed to less than 10% of us today.

    To snipe at those heroic workers who continue to do things the right way is extraordinarily backward; it is thus very much in keeping with the tenor of the current period, in which all manner of vile hate speech has been normalised.

  • Larry Littlefield

    In your world only some people count as “workers.” Others are serfs, who should be worse off so the “workers” can pay less for things.

    I wonder what percent of total NY tax $, in the middle of an average work day, goes to people who at that moment are actually working?

    Again, for some reason it has been decided that the fairness of what the TWU is providing to other workers can be questioned. Perhaps for the same reason that they aren’t ripping the rest of us off as much as others are.


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