Two Pedestrians Struck By Driver On Upper West Side

The intersection of West 98th Street and West End Avenue, where the crash took place on Friday
The intersection of West 98th Street and West End Avenue, where the crash took place on Friday

Two pedestrians on the Upper West Side were injured, one seriously, after the driver of an Acura sedan hit them on Friday afternoon, police said.

A police spokesperson told Streetsblog that just before 4 p.m., the driver of the car was moving north on West End Avenue when he or she struck the pair of pedestrians. Both pedestrians are expected to live, but one suffered serious head trauma according to the NYPD.

Police say the driver remained on the scene and was not immediately charged. The crash remains under investigation. Patch identified the pedestrians as a man in his 50s and a woman in her 60s.

There were seven crashes in 2018 in the area of West 98th and West End Avenue last year, though none resulted in injuries. However, the intersection is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Community Board 7, where in just a single year — 2018 — there were 2,773 crashes, causing injuries to 75 cyclists, 150 pedestrians (including one fatality) and 246 motorists.

  • Tomas Paine

    The pedestrians had the right of way.

    It was the car’s fault.

    So the two pedestrians shouldn’t worry. They had the right of way.

  • JL

    Actual pictures of the crash scene show an Acura suv with little/no damage to front end. WEave is in fact much safer now than it was before when it had 3 lanes (2 travel) in both directions.

    Nearby UWS bikelane news- Amsterdam (10th) has new street configuration in the high 60s. Don’t know how far south it goes. I’ve not ridden pass the construction at w70 towards Bway to checkout treatment at Needle Park.

  • Elizabeth F

    We’re the pedestrians wearing a helmet? If not, clearly whatever happened to them was their fault.

    (Don’t flame, see sarcasm…)

  • nyc-cynic

    the photo in the NY Daily News isn’t quite clear, but it looks like the license plate is NY_JER1919. If so, then using the great lookup tool by Twitter account “@howsmydrivingny” shows ”

    Known fines for #NY_JER1919:

    $2,863.27 | Fined,

    $75.54 | Reduced
    $422.32 | Paid

    $2,365.41 | Outstanding

    Which suggests the driver and/or owner have a lot to answer for. Plus, of course (at least per the press report), the car was _uninsured_.
    Imagine a world where cars with _29_ violations (most of which haven’t been paid) were actually removed from the road.

  • JL
  • JL
  • Mimi

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  • quenchy

    as mentioned by JL, the westrag video shows the pedestrians had the white walk sign and the honda acura ran a red light.
    ” Police say the driver remained on the scene and was not immediately charged. ” Police are waiting for the driver to come up with the most used excuse to get out of murdering a person with their car – “i didn’t see them”

    only in nyc, where you can murder anyone with your car and get away with it. the mob should be using this method:-)

  • SimSimma52

    You’re right, never cross the street, in fact. Especially if you’re over 50 and can’t sprint or Dodge like a 20 year old.

  • Joe R.

    If a cyclist had killed someone by running a red light, not only would they be charged, but all the major media outlets would be screaming bloody murder. When a driver does the same thing, it’s business as usual.

  • Joe R.

    I thought only cyclists run red lights and kill people.

    [sarcasm] Anyone who drives a car should have to have a license, registration, and insurance. Wait, they already do but none of these things make anyone safer. [/sarcasm]

  • Joe R.

    Or maybe we need bollards that come up when the light changes to red to prevent drivers from running it.

  • Pookasan

    Isn’t this the same intersection where little Cooper Stock was killed by a driver several years ago?

  • walks bikes drives

    Close. It was 97th and WEA.

  • Tomas Paine

    You’re right. I’ve though about this in subway stations too to prevent people from being pushed into / falling into the tracks.

    But it ain’t gonna happen. That would be enormously expensive. The city will never pay for that.

    So in the meantime, in the real world, we have to be enormously careful. We have to protect ourselves in the big city. Before gentrification, we used to call that “street smarts.” Having eyes in the back of your head and all that.

    SHOULD the world be this way? No, absolutely not. The world should be better and awesome and all that and we should always keeping working towards that.

    But in the meantime, we should all develop and employ our “street smarts.” This includes not being an idiot and playing with your little toy cellphone as you are crossing the street.

    Your life is worth more that that.

    Sadly, these people weren’t even doing that, weren’t doing anything wrong, and they still got slammed by this idiot on wheels who should be in jail. Terrible.

    “Street Smarts” means being ready to freaking jump and dive out of the way of an idiot motorist, bicyclist, WHATEVER because this is and will always be a crazy city of 8 million people.

    Yes, work to make the world a better place. But a “street smart” person plays both offense AND defense.

    DO NOT count on a bike lane, a red light, or anything to defend you. Always rely primarily on your own mind, your own attention, and your own awareness of what’s going on around you.

  • Tomas Paine

    Sadly Simma, you are right.

    I get your use of theatric language.

    But both walking and driving in this city is dangerous, a freaking warzone.

    This case proves it.

    You better do your pushups and your situps. Be prepared for anything out there.

    Your only alternative is to rely on the promises of politicians, activists, and community board members who will fix everything for you and bring you into utopia.

    I for one would rather rely on my “streets smarts”, my wits.

  • Isaac B

    Drivers do the wrong thing and get away with it. It’s been going on a long time. We get that.

    But we can at least try and make things better. Other communities have proven that it’s doable.

    Sure, we can turn our bodies into lean-mean-fighting machines. But there are always going to be vulnerable people on the road. Should we just write them off and also leave drivers off the hook?

    Bottom line, why are you here, gratuitously taunting people and trying to spread despair?

  • Tomas Paine

    Eh, ok, forget it. I totally change my mind.

    You should ride your bicycle on the streets. It is safe and a great idea.

  • Isaac B

    This article is about a driver who hit two people who were walking, not cycling.


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