Pedestrian Killed by Dump Truck Driver As De Blasio’s Commitment to Vision Zero is Questioned

Open season on the innocent continues.

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Another pedestrian has been run down and killed, this time by the driver of a dump truck in Coney Island.

Police said that the driver of a Francis Construction company truck hit a 58-year-old man who was in the crosswalk of Mermaid Avenue and West 21st Street on Saturday morning at around 10 a.m. The dump truck had been heading southbound on the side street, police said.

There were no arrests, cops said. The victim’s identity was not released pending family notification. Francis Construction could not be reached on the weekend, as no one answered its phone.

The death shows anew that the “zero” part of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero continues to recede like Gatsby’s orgiastic future. Indeed, 2019 is turning out to be an exceptionally bloody year, with 67 people dying on New York City roads this year through May 5, according to police statistics.

The NYPD says that figure represents a 20-percent spike in road deaths. Injuries to people who get around on bikes are up 5 percent, as well. Injuries to pedestrians are down by the same amount.

De Blasio is under fire from activists for his waning commitment to his signature initiative.


  • Sassojr

    Another giant commercial vehicle kills a pedestrian, yet the NYPD is out in the rain running ineffective motorcycle only checkpoints (Eastbound Belt at exit 11 around 12:30pm). Selective enforcement at its best.

  • Zero Vision

    Bill de Bloodonhishands

  • Och

    Coney Island has been a complete clusterpluck for years, and this was bound to happen. There are only three avenues in Coney Island – Surf, Mermaid, and Cropsey and they are all under major construction for years. Surf avenue is completely closed for elevation to accommodate upcoming luxury housing development, Mermaid is partially closed for sever construction, and there are some closures on Neptune for sewer construction. Most of the cross street are undergoing sewer construction. During all this construction they didn’t ban parking or private cars. Crosswalks are closed, people park on the sidewalks, there’s a mayhem of cars, buses and construction vehicles on Neptune. I am a young, very athletic man and still i have to be super aware and super quick while crossing these roads, ready to jump out of the way of vehicles in a split second. There is absolutely no accommodation or concern for the safety of pedestrians during this construction phase, and this is disgusting. If all this construction was necessary, they should have at least banned on street parking and banned private cars, and ran more buses to move people quick and efficient. Instead we get a car mayhem, and during school rush hours it’s just a disaster waiting to happen as there are frustrated road raging drivers that are backed up for 20 blocks on Neptune.