Two Dead Pedestrians, Two Boroughs — No Arrests

Photo: Franz Golhen
Photo: Franz Golhen

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Two more pedestrians were killed by drivers in unrelated crashes on Saturday — but in neither case was the driver charged.

In the first collision, police say that Beatrice Kahn, 89, was attempting to cross Riverdale Avenue in the crosswalk at West 263rd St. at around 11:37 a.m. when the 35-year-old driver, whose identity was not released, slammed into her as she made a left turn onto Riverdale Avenue.

Kahn died of her injuries at Saint Barnabas Hospital, one day after her birthday, her daughter told Bronx News12. The driver was not charged.

About seven hours later, a hit-and-run driver ran over and killed Iosif Morgenshteyn, 65, at the intersection of East 28th Street and Shore Parkway in Brooklyn. Cops released very little information, but the Daily News reported that Morgenshteyn had been changing a tire when he was hit.

Cops said the driver fled, but later police found a dented white minivan in the vicinity of Emmons Avenue and Bragg Street. Its license plates had been removed.

The investigation is ongoing in both crashes, police said.


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