People Really Love NYC on Marathon Sunday — Because There Are No Cars!

Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.

The annual New York City Marathon reminded us again what a car-free city could be like.

We weren’t alone in enjoying the empty streets around the marathon route. Streetfilms auteur Clarence Eckerson Jr. created a short tribute to the mostly empty Queens Plaza:

So many other New Yorkers were equally inspired. Here’s Phil Leff in Manhattan:

And Doug Gordon in Brooklyn:

And Elliot Sperber in Brooklyn:

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  • MB

    That’s Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn. 😉

  • clarknt67

    LOL I’m less a fan. I made plans to bike from Brooklyn to Astoria. I didn’t plan around the marathon and spent a half hour biking in circles around Greenpoint trying to cross the Newtown Creek. Of course, the marathon managed to block access to not one, but two, bridges. I got across eventually.

  • Maggie

    Walking out of Central Park at West 81st Street, it was fantastic to see local parents out enjoying the car-free park block with their kids on scooters. Beautiful fall day and calm, peaceful neighborhood streets to enjoy for a single day.

  • Dimitris Koutoumbas

    sucks to be you i guess


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