It’s The First Day Of School, Er, School Double-Parking Season, We Mean

Wednesday morning in Brooklyn. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Wednesday morning in Brooklyn. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

It’s the first day of school, which means it’s the first day of double-parking-in-front-of-school season.

We’re collecting photos from across the New York area, so please send yours to

For now, there’s the photo snapped by me on my way to work in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood above, and this collection of tweets to get us going.

And from the world beyond New York:


  • iSkyscraper

    PSMS278/PS18 on 219th and 220th Streets in upper Manhattan have complete vehicle chaos around them due to being, bizarrely, still two-way streets. (The schools are in an industrial zone that never updated as the rest of the street grid did). Cars double park, school buses stop, etc. and then no cars can get through either way. Plus you have a very busy car wash that always has a queue as well. Cars then pull three point turns, nearly hitting kids on sidewalks, trying to escape. It’s madness.

    Parents asked DOT to look into it years ago, CB12 agreed, and DOT came up with a plan to make the streets one-way and add a no-turn. CB12, traffic geniuses that they are, then blocked the implementation of the plan because they didn’t want to inconvenience drivers. (CB12 is notorious for its car-loving ways).

    So now there is no improvement, and the chaos resumed this morning. Thanks, CB12.


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