NY1 Teams Up With Joe Addabbo to Bash Better Bus Service for Tens of Thousands of New Yorkers

Neglecting to talk to bus riders, NY1 reporter Ruschell Boone gives Woodhaven Boulevard SBS the driver gripefest treatment.

Joe Addabbo wants DOT to downgrade Woodhaven Boulevard SBS by increasing the hours drivers are allowed to park in bus lanes. Video still: NY1
Joe Addabbo wants DOT to downgrade Woodhaven Boulevard SBS by increasing the hours drivers are allowed to park in bus lanes. Video still: NY1

Shame on NY1 reporter Ruschell Boone for carrying water for State Senator Joseph Addabbo and his campaign against better bus service on Woodhaven and Cross Bay boulevards.

The Q52 and Q53 handle 30,000 trips a day between the Rockaways and Woodside. Newly added Select Bus Service features, including dedicated bus lanes and off-board fare collection, mean that Queens residents who use the lines will reach their destinations faster, free from some of the headaches that have led New Yorkers to give up on city buses.

But Boone characterizes improvements for tens of thousands of bus riders, which were accompanied by pedestrian safety upgrades, as a “traffic nightmare.” The premise of the piece is that motorists who resent the sight of dedicated street space for bus riders should get to call all the shots.

Watch as Boone offers the mic to drivers who yell complaints as they pass (none seemed to be stopped for long). She also talks to a couple of business owners whose customers have to adjust to new rush hour parking restrictions.

An expert weighs in on Woodhaven Boulevard bus improvements, via NY1.
An expert weighs in.

After he fought to maintain the status quo on Woodhaven, Addabbo tells Boone he wants DOT to weaken the improvements by curtailing the hours when bus lanes are in effect. Robert Holden, who earlier this month unseated local City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, thinks a “task force” of some sort should “really look at this whole stretch,” though years of public meetings preceded the project.

Boone gives a few seconds of airtime toward the end of the story to Riders Alliance organizer Stephanie Burgos-Veras, who explains that Woodhaven SBS will speed trips to work and school and give people back a lot of time they would otherwise spend waiting for the bus.

It’s expected that a project of this scope would have a breaking-in period. But with all the griping, Boone didn’t talk to a single bus rider. As if the thousands of New Yorkers Woodhaven SBS was built for don’t count.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’ll make a deal. We’ll tear down the A to Lefferts and send all of them toward Rockaways, with some terminating at Howard Beach, instead. This would free up road space in Addabbo’s district.

    A bicycle parking garage could be added at the Rockaway Boulevard stop to serve the transit riders Addabbo despises who live further east. Some of them could ride E-bikes.

  • Danny G

    How can we rechannel this passion into letting the numerous transit-dependent, time-constrained, non-retired, A-train-commuting Queens residents know that their politicians are not looking out for them?

  • vnm

    This improves service for 30,000 bus riders, THIRTY-friggan’-THOUSAND people! And she can’t ask a single one of them what they think of the changes?? That’s utterly lame reporting.

  • NY1 used to be the best for bus/bike/subway/ped stuff. Now they are falling in with the other horrible media.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well, an effort could have been made to get them to vote for a constitutional convention.

    This guy is typical of the sort of people who are looking to cash out with as much loot as possible.

  • AnoNYC

    Terrible report.

    Are bus riders and pedestrians not people?

    Don’t like the traffic? TAKE THE BUS.

    Isn’t this the point!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Don’t have Gothamist to show them up anymore.

  • kevd

    Constitutional Convention?!?!?!
    But there was an infinitesimal chance some municipal union members would loose a tiny fraction of their enormous benefits!

  • This is true.

  • Vooch

    every single arterial should have 1 exclusive bus lane 24/7 365

  • Larry Littlefield

    They weren’t worried about that.

    They were worried that they might have had to pay state and local income taxes on public employee pension income, and have additional special property tax exemptions exclusively for active and retired public employees prohibited.

    The equivalent of that Trump tax cut to benefit the executive/financial class, at the expense of further reductions in old age benefits for future generations.

  • Neil C Giannelli

    Improving bus service up and down the Woodhaven-Cross bay corridor is a great idea. What’s not a great idea is putting the bus stops in the middle of Woodhaven Blvd!! Bus riders, in order to get better service, will have to cross 2 lanes of traffic to get to the bus stop that will NOT be shoveled when the snow falls. For 3 years, the people of Woodhaven begged, pleaded, demanded that the bus lanes not be placed in the middle of traffic. There are 2 “service lanes” on both the northbound and southbound sides of Woodhaven Blvd as it passes through Woodhaven. Put the bus lane on the right, along the sidewalk and curb. Move the parking lane to the left-hand side. DoT officials just smiled, thanked us for our suggestions, and did what they planned to do anyway.

  • NRafter530

    DOT did not initially want to put the bus lane there. It was Community Board 9’s suggestion.


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