Today’s Headlines

  • Gelinas: De Blasio Traffic Plan “a Protection Racket” for Placard Holders and Midtown Builders (Post)
  • Five Years Ago, Superstorm Sandy Flooded Subway Stations and Tunnels (AMNY)
  • The MTA Will Be Fixing and Fortifying the Subways for a Long Time to Come (NY1)
  • Lhota Creates New MTA Division to Respond to Storms, Heat Waves, and Blackouts (Post)
  • Environmental Justice Advocates March Over Brooklyn Bridge Demanding Action on Climate (News)
  • Queens Chronicle Led By Unreconstructed “War on Cars” Reactionaries
  • Related: Chronicle Coverage of Cross Bay Blvd Bus Lanes, SBS Expansion, Northern Blvd Bike Lane
  • NYC Transit Riders Could Have It Worse — We Could Live in Some Other American City (AMNY, Post)
  • Schumer Rips MTA for Slow Pace of Positive Train Control Installation (Post)
  • The Cuozz Wrote a Subway Rant That Almost Makes Sense (Post)
  • NYPD Can’t Keep a Good Bike Joust Down (Gothamist)

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  • Vooch

    The Post article is a winner; first paragraphs

    “…It’s mid-morning in Midtown Manhattan, and drivers are lined up to make a left-hand turn when the light changes. They can’t. An illegally parked car, lights blinking, is blocking the turning lane, forcing drivers to create more traffic as they merge.

    Where’s the traffic cop? Sigh: The abandoned car belongs to the traffic cop, who has been in the drugstore, for a quarter hour….”

  • Larry Littlefield

    I hope publications like the Chronicle die off with their readers. Killing off the Queens County Democratic Machine, however, may not be so easy.

    In any event, for those interested in American Community Survey commuting to work data for NYC and the U.S. for 2016 vs. 2006, it may be found in the DP03 spreadsheet attached to this post.

    The post is on DP02, social characteristics, I’ll write about DP03 later.

    But I can say ACS data shows a gain of 409,600 employed residents of NYC from 2006 to 2016. With an increase of 318,245 (16.3%) commuting by mass transit, an increase of 40,135 (11.3%) walking, an increase of 17,710 (18.9%) using “Other Means,” and an increase of 31,860 (22.4%) working at home.

    Drove alone increased by 27,105 placard holders (3.2%).

    There was a much bigger increase in working from home nationally on a percent basis, and it is more common nationally than among U.S. residents. In a bad trend, carpooling keeps falling.

  • MatthewEH

    Absolutely agreed. Nicole Gelinas is 100% on-point here.

  • AMH

    Excellent proposal to apply a congestion charge to barricades as well as vehicles.

  • AMH

    That bike kill joust is crazy–repeatedly falling off those high bikes looks very painful! I had never heard of it before, and initially thought that all the bloody costumes were a protest of the carnage on our streets. Of course the NYPD would be all over a group of people having fun while ignoring actual dangers.