Today’s Headlines

  • Good News: Cuomo’s in Charge of the Subway and Its Electrical Systems This Week (NYT, News, Post)
  • DiNapoli Weighs in on Millionaires Tax — Still Hasn’t Piped Up About Cuomo Infrastructure Waste (News)
  • City Council Approves Midtown East Rezoning and Transit/Pedestrian Enhancements (NYT)
  • De Blasio: People Arrested for Turnstile Jumping Can Afford the Fare (Gothamist)
  • Dollar Van Operators See Ford Chariot as a Direct Competitor (Kings County Politics)
  • Van Driver Killed When Her Vehicle Rolled Backwards Over Her (Post)
  • Howard Beach Residents Call for Better Fix From DOT at Dangerous Intersection (QNS)
  • Glowing Coverage of Two-Way Protected Bike Lane Coming to Bayside (QNS)
  • Stuy Town’s Citi Bike Docks All Empty Out By 9 AM (DNA)
  • The Democratic Machine, Not Primary Voters, Will Pick Dan Squadron’s Replacement (Gothamist)

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  • com63

    Citibike really needs to have a few mega stations that can accept hundreds of bikes for check in or out. The few valet stations they have are not enough. They should rent a storefront in a few locations or something like that.

  • Sounds like a great idea. Set ’em up at high-volume sites in each borough.

  • Vooch

    how about just having a citibike station on every block below 34th ?

    It’s been long since proven that Citibike stations have 15x the turnover versus car storage.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The big question is how much bikeshare space is Cuomo planning for in his Penn Station redo? There could be a demand for 20,000 bikes there easy, with a similar number in receiver stations around Midtown and Downtown.

  • Reader

    But the parking! Think of the parking!

  • Vooch

    20,000 ?

    i think you are correct