Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s MTA Plan Seems Sound, But Who Pays? (NYT; PoliticoVoiceNews; Post 12)
  • Riders Alliance: Triage Aside, Cuomo Has Got to Stabilize MTA Revenues (News)
  • Times Explains That Cuomo Runs the MTA; News Buys Into Gov’s Poor-mouthing
  • Heaven Help the Region That Needs Trump to Step Up (NYT)
  • The News and Gothamist Take a Tour of the Penn Station Control Room
  • Jesse Hamilton and Tremaine Wright Want Albany to Decriminalize Fare Beating (DNA)
  • Crank With a Radar Gun the Real Victim of New York’s E-Bike Morass (WNYC)
  • Think Maybe Someone Involved in This Crash Was Driving Recklessly? (Post, DNA)
  • Imagine This Level of Inquiry Into Every Traffic Fatality (NYT)
  • See Queens Before and After the 7 (DNA)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s no plan at all. There is no real explanation for the sudden degradation of service. It is what you expect after two weeks.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Regarding the taxi crash (“Think Maybe Someone Involved in This Crash Was Driving Recklessly?”). Looks like the cars aren’t that mangled, but the passengers got seriously injured:

    “The female in the cab had blood on her face, all over her face. I saw the woman [in the SUV] in the ambulance with her daughter, she looked normal,” he said.

    That’s why you always wear a seatbelt, especially in the back of a cab. Sounds like the cab passengers were unbelted and smashed into the partition.

  • HamTech87

    Really enjoying Ross Barkan’s reporting at the Voice. Just gets right to it.

  • Vooch

    maybe drivers should drive the 25MPH speed limit 🙂

  • Vooch

    Is this pedestrian – bike study in Las Vegas evil or saintly ?

  • reasonableexplanation

    Hang a plastic sheet on a brick wall. Run at that wall headfirst as fast as you can. I’d be willing to bet your injuries would be similar, and that’s at less than 15mph.

    That’s what you’re signing up for when you don’t put on a seatbelt in a cab.

  • Vooch

    you make a good case for expansion of PBLs, pedestrian zones, and playstreets.

  • reasonableexplanation

    No, don’t be obtuse. What I said has nothing to do with those things.

    Jeez, you’re the embodiment of “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

    Anyway, I hope you’re acting a fool just for laughs, and that you actually do put on your seatbelt every time you take a cab. Be safe out there buddy.

  • Vooch

    Why would I take a cab ? It’s slower than cycling.

    Most cab trips are less than 2 miles. See chart for UWS stats. Midtown is even worse

  • reasonableexplanation


    If you live a life where you never get into vehicles…or where you always have your bike with you… that’s nice I guess. It’s not typical though.

  • Vooch

    We are talking about a street in Manhattan. Everything is within a 15 minute bikeride. Everything