Today’s Headlines

  • State Legislators Approve Bill to Expand NYC Speed Camera Program (Post)
  • Cuomo’s Hail Mary Pick for MTA Chief: Part-Timer Joe Lhota (NYT, Politico, NewsAMNY)
  • MTA Board Meetings Are Getting Feistier Than Usual (PoliticoPost, DNAAMNY, WNYC)
  • Gov’s Latest Ploy to Duck Responsibility for His Transit System Is Fooling No One (Voice, DNA)
  • Who Will Pay for LIRR Penn Station Contingency Plan? (Gothamist)
  • MTA Pledges Access-A-Ride Improvements (AMNY)
  • Nine Out of 10 Arrested for Turnstile-Jumping Are People of Color (DNA)
  • Windsor Terrace Locals Move Heaven and Earth to Get Buffered Bike Lanes Out of DOT (Bklyner)
  • Dept of Transformation Shows How the Law Should Treat Cycling at T-Intersections (Gothamist)
  • Prospect Heights Ice Cream Shop Wants Curbside Seating, and NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez Sees a Scandal

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Cuomo needed someone to claim that going deeper and deeper into debt “costs nothing.” Lhota is on record saying so.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Regarding turnstile jumping:

    Times Square and Union Square have some of the highest numbers of arrests…”As far as the deployment, we never send people out to do theft of service operations,” he said. “We put people out in our busiest stations based on ridership and crime. What happens there is if they see somebody jump a turnstile; they take appropriate action,”

    So what’s issue here? It looks like cops are stationed at busy central stations (not stations in predominantly minority neighborhoods), and they ticket or arrest people who jump the turnstile. Unless they’re turning a blind eye to white folks jumping the turnstile (no evidence of that so far), what’s the problem?

  • Vooch

    my lily white clean-curb teenage kid has been routinely turnstile jumping for years ( despite my entreaties ) never been caught,

  • Note: The Post screwed up and only the Assembly passed the speed cam bill. I think the Senate didn’t take it up and it’s again dead

  • Larry Littlefield

    Probably getting caught once would be to his long-term benefit. Along with the rest of us.

  • Vooch

    It’s my impression turnstile jumping is rampent among Sty, Hunter, and Trinity kids

  • AMH

    Aren’t student metrocards limited to one swipe in the AM and one in the PM? If there’s a swipe error, I expect they have little recourse but to jump over.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “There was a revolt at the MTA on Wednesday.”

    You SOBs voted for all the debts and deferred costs. I don’t want to hear that the MTA Board is on our side now.

    “You have heard us describe the old, aging subway system. That is not going to be fixed overnight, but how we respond to events can certainly be improved.”

    Actually, we demand that a magic want be waived, because we’re screwed otherwise.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Go to the booth, show the pass, let them buzz you in, order a new pass.

  • Vooch

    The student metrication system is a kafkaesque nightmare. In civilized cities, all students get unlimited local transport simply by attending school.

  • Vooch


  • reasonableexplanation

    I used the school metrocard for 4 years and it failed to swipe once in that time. And, just as you say; went to the booth agent and that was that.

  • Larry Littlefield

    At a time when students are being socialized, how big a sense of entitlement and beating the system do you want to feed?

    I guess some guys have it, and some don’t. I double parked once for 30 seconds and got a ticket. Others go on to work on Wall Street, and seats on the MTA Board.

  • Vooch

    given the open corruption in college admissions, kids today learn by 10th grade the system is rigged and clever people work the system in their favour.

    It’s likely the same ‘learning’ young smart kids were taught in 1950s Soviet Union

  • Lincoln

    I used the school metrocard for 10-11 years (Whenever they were introduced, when I was in first or second grade)

    I don’t think I had a single one that never had issues.

  • snobum

    we never send people out to do theft of service operations

    I see them hiding behind columns waiting for people to go through the emergency exit gates all the time at Union Square. While, yes, there is a police station there and they say they are being deployed based on ridership, how is this not a “theft of service operation”?

  • Ken Dodd

    I’m most certainly white, and I was busted for turnstile jumping at Herald Square in 2003. I stupidly walked through an open gate door that someone else held open for me, thinking that it wouldn’t really matter because I had an unlimited metrocard. Plain clothes officer (black) swooped out of nowhere and arrested me for theft of service. A female officer (Hispanic) joined him in the act, and both were openly amused that they’d “got a white one.” Since I didn’t have ID on me, I was taken in cuffs to wait in a police van outside. The female officer was quite chatty. I said something along the lines of “it must suck to be assigned to turnstile jumpers when there are more exciting crimes up for grabs elsewhere.” She told me that on the contrary, the turnstile patrol is very fruitful because they bag a ton of people with open warrants, often for serious crimes like armed robbery and murder. That’s the only reason they do it. I also asked her why they were so pleased to get a “white one,” and she said most of the guys they see are black, just a fact of life, it’s sad but blah blah blah. Anyway I ended up in the cells overnight at Midtown Community Court because the judge had gone home, and the case was instantly dismissed the next day.

  • Ken Dodd

    Because they are looking for people with open warrants. Stopping turnstile jumpers bags a ton of them every day.

  • qrt145

    I had better luck than you did. I also stupidly walked through an open gate once (in 2010 or so), but the cops let me go with a warning and they didn’t even ask for ID. My stupid face must have been quite convincing! I’m also white.