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  • Brian Howald

    What’s the harm of trying toll reform on our own? Should the state fight oppose us, it would only bring the issue to public attention and keep the focus on rapidly deteriorating subway service. Do we have 34 Council members ready to do this come November 8th?

  • AMH

    It should be an integral part of Vision Zero.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Schumer: (while railroads should be paid for by users, with the railroad companies paying local property taxes and state and local business taxes), roads should be free.

    If Trump plans a Generation Greed cash in like the Illinois Tollway and Chicago parking deals, I’m opposed. And given that he is Trump, and the that the Republicans are (somewhat more) guilty of generations inequities at the federal level and the Democrats, that’s what I expect.

    But if he plans to fund road maintenance and improvement with tolls rather than federal taxes, I’m interested.

  • ahwr

    If the courts throw it out is there the risk of Albany being petty and refusing to consider toll reform until there is a good amount of turnover maybe 5 or 10 years out?

  • reasonableexplanation

    Presumably the tolls would need to be collected through EZPASS/photo tolling, neither of which I think the city has the capacity to install? Though I’m not sure about that.

  • Fool

    Political Risk. BDB does not want to anger the motorist voting block before his election. Livable street advocates are not going to shift from him. If he can invent a boogeyman to blame he can temper the already mild outrage.

  • Brian Howald

    It’s been ten years since the last time they refused to consider toll reform.

  • bolwerk

    Single issue voters whose issue is cars? I’m pretty skeptical such a bloc exists. And even if they do exist, there’s pretty good reason to think many would like the change once it’s introduced.

  • Fool

    These voters do exist. Look at how loud and vocal they were over pedestrian plazas. From their perspective they invested $xx,xxx.xx amount of dollars in their transportation and anything you do to make that mode more expensive is a personal attack on net worth.

  • bolwerk

    Manufactured nontroversy. Were those even voters*? That was the press, NYPD, and at least at one point Bill Bratton pulling the leash of his dog (also named Bill). The amusing whines of a poster on NYC transit blogs, ironically named BrooklynBus, aside, at least the case of Times Square objectively improved traffic for motorists.

    * The answer is yes. Mainly suburban voters.