Today’s Headlines

  • Kimmelman: New Hudson Rail Tunnels and Moving MSG Should Go Hand-in-Hand (NYT)
  • Barry Benepe Urges de Blasio to Make Parks Completely Car-Free (News)
  • New Book Examines the Screwy Process That Resulted in the New Tappan Zee Bridge (WNYC, LoHud)
  • SUV Driver Jumps Curb in Two-Car Collision, Injuring Two Peds Near Northern Blvd (News, WCBS)
  • DNA Maps the Most Dangerous Intersections in Washington Heights
  • Allan Rosen Brings His Anti-SBS Crusade to Gotham Gazette, Stokes Fears It May Kill 2nd Ave Subway
  • Beep James Oddo Really, Really Wants More Subsidized Ferry Service to Staten Island (Advance)
  • Community Board Leaders Say They Weren’t Included in OneNYC Planning (Capital)
  • More Coverage of Greenpoint Avenue Bridge Bike Lanes From DNA, Bklyn Paper
  • HPD Expects Public Process to Begin in Fall for Affordable Housing on Flushing Parking Lot (TL)

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  • Jonathan R

    The Washington Heights traffic crashes article measures accidents, not pedestrian injuries. For instance, at Amsterdam and 178, 92 crashes, zero pedestrians injured. Makes sense, as there’s a dogleg from 178th St N on Amsterdam for 100 meters, then right onto the HRD ramp. Plus there are no businesses or houses on three of the four corners there, so little reason for pedestrians to use that intersection.

    Clicking around at other intersections, I noticed the 17 pedestrians injured at the corner of FWA and 165th, right by the hospital. That’s a lot.

  • Bolwerk

    This SBS-is-not-BRT meme is getting old. SILive had an inane pro-car rant the other day too, complaining about the SBS on Hylan (which should feature SBS/BRT) and demanding a busway on the North Shore (which shouldn’t be SBS/BRT).

  • Riverduckexpress

    “Allan Rosen Brings His Anti-SBS Crusade to Gotham Gazette, Stokes Fears It May Kill 2nd Ave Subway”
    This title gave me a chuckle. That $230 million figure for the Q52 and Q53 did make my eyes pop. Considering how SBS is being used as a poor man’s subway I really do find it ridiculous that the DOT is willing to drop all this money on the one corridor that has a viable rail line nearby. It’s frustrating. Just reactivating the remainder of the Rockaway Beach line, while admittedly more expensive, would be a much better investment in the long run.

    Also, the B44 is my home bus route and I can’t disagree with Rosen on his remarks on the route. When SBS started reliability on the B44 local completely plummeted, for a couple of different reasons. Even the MTA’s own reliability statistics show a big decrease. The MTA/DOT was very much willing to throw local service under the bus if it meant improving Limited/SBS service. Local service has improved but it’s still worse than it was pre-SBS. Granted, I don’t expect the DOT to mention this at all in their report. It’ll probably happen all over again on the B46 when local and LTD/SBS services swap places in Williamsburg. I’m sure some would argue worsening the reliability of local service is OK if it means improving the reliability of Limited/SBS service, and I do see that boarding conditions on the B44 SBS have improved, but as a primarily local rider I care about the locals. If I sound anti-SBS I’m not really, or at least I wasn’t always, I used to really like the idea of SBS, but a couple of the DOT’s ideas for corridors puzzle me.

  • Van Lingo Mungo

    Rosen may have some points about the reliability of the B44, but even a broken clock is right twice. He’s just pissed he isn’t consulted on bus route planning these days after being pushed out from Transit 15 years ago. He doesn’t deserve the platforms he has.

  • Flakker

    That was the most stupid and dishonest editorial they’ve published on the subject to date, and that’s really saying something.