Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Arrest Malcolm Smith and Dan Halloran for Alleged Bribery Plot (Post)
  • Juan Gonzalez: Sources Say “City Hall” Knew Yankee Stadium Garage Deal Was a Loser
  • Scott Stringer and Inez Dickens Reappoint Daniel Zweig to Manhattan CB 7
  • Bike New York, Cycling Education Provider, Sues City Over $900,000 NYPD Parade Fee (NYTWSJ)
  • Pedestrian in Cardiac Arrest on Fourth Ave (Bklyn Paper); 2 Dead in Bruckner Blvd Hit-and-Run (News)
  • City Testing Program to Substitute Cabs for Access-A-Ride (News)
  • City Planning Dials Down NYC Population Growth Projection (CapNY)
  • Business Improvement District Proposed for Far West Side (DNA)
  • Sitting in Traffic, Staten Island Motorists Tweet Complaints About Staten Island Motorists (Advance)
  • Mayor of Syracuse Makes News for Criticizing Cuomo’s Lack of Interest in Cities (NYT)
  • Under a Very Odd Headline, Salon Profiles the Time’s Up Living Will Project
  • Daily News Scolds Alec Baldwin for Breaking Bike Laws, Real and Imagined

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  • Eric McClure

    Having sat through the City Council Tansportation Committee hearing a couple weeks ago listening to that blowhard jerk Dan Halloran rail against speed cameras, I can safely say it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, the Daily News didn’t explicitly say that Alec Baldwin broke any laws: “Perhaps Baldwin hasn’t read the state’s top bicycle safety tips: Never operate a bike while talking on a cell phone, never ride against traffic and always wear a helmet.”

    A tip is not the same as a law, and I’m pretty sure you can find a state source that _suggests_ wearing a helmet.

  • Glad to see Marco Passanella made it onto CB1. But the reappointment of several livable streets foes, and the absence of livable streets organizations from the Stringer screening panel that reviews the CB candidates, makes clear we have our post-election work cut out for us.

  • Brad Aaron

    “Alec Baldwin takes his bicycle for a spin in NYC — and breaks tons of safety

    “’Bicyclists are subject to all applicable New York State and local laws, rules and regulations, including NYC traffic rules,’ the city law states.”


  • Anonymous

    The real mystery is how you “break” a “violation.” Does that mean by riding his bike he caused other violations to be mended? He *heals* the traffic violations of drivers maybe?

  • Guest

    Number of “tsk tsk” articles the Daily News has published admonishing a rich celebrity for not wearing a helmet: 1.

    Number of “tsk tsk” articles the Daily News has published admonishing a driver for leaving a toddler brain dead, his mother in a coma, and 9 others injured: 0.


  • Anonymous

    Remember it’s a tabloid you are talking about. If they had naked pictures of Alec Baldwin, they would have published those instead! 🙂

    As for “breaking a violation”, I wondered about that too. It sounds like a double negative. So if you stop at a red light you are “breaking the red-light-running violation”, right?

  • Bolwerk

    Almost every article I read about Cuomo makes me miss Spitzer or even Paterson. About the only positive thing to say for Cuomo is he passed gay marriage, and that was probably inevitable at some point anyway.