Eyes on the Street: The Bike Corral Has Arrived in Park Slope

A DOT crew installed a bike corral in front of Park Slope's Gorilla Coffee this morning. Photo: Christa Orth

On her way into the office this morning, Streetsblog development manager Christa Orth spotted some fluorescent safety vests as she pedaled up Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue. A DOT crew was out in front of local coffee shop Gorilla Coffee, which had agreed to maintain a new bike corral in front of their store. One parking space is being replaced with room for about eight bikes — or as Gorilla might call them, seven new customers.

New York’s first bike corral was installed last summer. Now it looks like the treatment is really starting to spread.

Here’s a look at the finished bike corral, courtesy of Gorilla:

  • Mike

    Seems like they should be able to fit 10 or 12 bike spots in the space of one parking spot. That huge planter isn’t helping things.

  • Java Joe

    Attention livable streets advocates: it’s time to approach every coffee shop owner in the city and ask them if they want bike parking.  Odds are they’ll say yes.

  • Sarah

    I like the planter – it helps to green up the streetscape and also acts as a bollard.  

  • Heavily Caffeinated

    How many days until some moron plows his SUV into that thing? I give it six weeks. 

  • Anonymous

    If you do any riding in Piermont or Nyack,, you will see similar ones in front of a bunch of different stores and restaurants. Makes for bike friendly towns.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Agreed, Java Joe! I’m going to re-visit many of the Bike Friendly Businesses I signed up and see if they want to request on-street bike parking. How do they ask for it? Is it different than asking for simple sidewalk City Racks?

  • Guest 2

    bad location. accident waiting for happen!

  • Ian Dutton

    I parked my bike there this afternoon and had a latte. Iced. 

  • KillMoto

    @2fbdd773b2fe89a463b45642b769691f:disqus Considering motorists deliver – they’ll drive their cars up onto sidewalks to kill people, and drive into stores and homes – anyplace can be considered a bad location. 

  • KillMoto

    @2fbdd773b2fe89a463b45642b769691f:disqus Considering motorists deliver – they’ll drive their cars up onto sidewalks to kill people, and drive into stores and homes – anyplace can be considered a bad location. 

  • John Wirtz

    It takes five workers to install some bike racks?


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