High-Stakes Testing: A Lesson in Texting While Driving

Here’s a cool, funny, and genuinely effective public service announcement out of Belgium. According to Gizmodo, non-profit Responsible Young Drivers essentially pranked a bunch of people taking their drivers license exam. To pass, they were told, they’d have to show they could adequately send text messages while keeping control of the car.

The results, all caught on camera, strike an impressive balance. You’ll laugh at the skids, swerves and shrieks of the panicked test takers even while realizing that the flying cones could, outside the context of a YouTube clip, be someone’s child.

The power of the clip comes in part from how easy it is to identify with the drivers, who quickly understand that performing both tasks well is nearly impossible. “Honestly, I feel like an idiot who can’t drive,” says one, while another realizes: “People will die.”

  • Anonymous

    I still prefer this PSA:

  • Killmoto

    A collision caused by distracted driving is not an “accident”. It’s a “premeditated”.   If someone is killed by the reckless act of distracted driving, it is murder not homicide. 

  • I love the instructor berating the young driver–“look how you spelled ‘scool.’ ”

  • Anonymous

    Killmoto, it would be homicide in either case. What you are thinking of is murder vs. manslaughter. I think it would be manslaughter, but lawyers would know more about this than I.


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