Eyes on the Street: Incredible Reappearing Bike Lane

Photo: ddartley/Flickr

We’ve been featuring this item from Streetsblog Flickr pool contributor ddartley on the sidebar for a few days, and it’s time for a promotion. On the First Avenue bike lane by 25th Street, construction has temporarily wiped out the parking-protected bike lane, and in its place is a highly-functional buffered bike lane. Bike traffic keeps on flowing.

Construction-related bike lane disruptions can still get pretty egregious — ask anyone who’s biked on Grand Street between Center and Chrystie the last 16 months — but this high-quality detour isn’t the only one our readers have spotted. A few blocks west of the chaotic Con-Ed work on Grand Street, signs guide cyclists smoothly away from curbside scaffolding and onto a short temporary path.

  • Ben from Bed Stuy

    Ben –
    For our education’s sake, can you put in a query with the buildings dept. or DOT to find out if there is a new rule that governs work sites. Since most sites are showing this kind of safe bike detour, it would be good to know what is the regulation so we can speak up for its enforcement if a construction site is being a dangerous neighbor.

  • Reg

    A little off the topic but when will construction start for the buffered 1st avenue bike lane from 60th street to 96th street?  I thought it was slated for construction last fall but no work has started yet.

  • Yeah, this is awesome.  Thanks DoT.

    Reg–the First Avenue separated bike path will extend from 61st to 125th when completed.  My understanding is that 61st to 72nd is coming this spring, and 72nd to 125 may wait until Second Avenue, 125th to 100th, gets the same treatment.

  • How about the construction underneath the Queensboro Bridge on 1st ave.  As far as I can tell there is no longer a safe and legal way to get onto the bridge by bicycle.  If anyone has a safe route, please let me know.

  • R Marcus

    New lane markings on 1st Ave from 60th – 68th st as of April 2. It looks like the bike lane is next to the curb and I am not sure where the Parking will go on that side.

    Any ideas folks?


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