LeBron James Bikes to Work “All the Time”

Photo: ##https://twitter.com/#!/jackNruth/status/163733009877569536/photo/1/large##@jackNruth/Twitter## via ##https://twitter.com/#!/MikeLydon/status/163854751681871872##@MikeLydon##

This Twitter photo of LeBron James biking to American Airlines Arena before facing off against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls last night has gone viral on sports news sites all over America.

There are some interesting sociological currents swirling around LeBron James, bike commuter. While the photographer labeled James a “manchild” for taking to Miami’s none-too-friendly streets on a bike, the prevailing sentiment in the ESPN comments section seems to be that the sight of LeBron riding to work will help rehab his public image.

After the Heat edged the Bulls, James told reporters in the locker room that bike commuting is pretty routine for him. In fact, he seems to enjoy talking about the bike ride more than the basketball game:

LeBron’s best-known link to cycling is the charity “Bikeathon” he founded in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, which he still puts on every spring.

The Heat forward isn’t as vocal about his modal proclivities as say, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, but he sure has a higher pulpit if he ever chooses to speak up about street safety. Our friends at Transit Miami are hoping LeBron the bike commuter can quicken the pace of change in south Florida: “Maybe now we can get some Lebron-sized bicycle lanes.”

  • carma

    Lebron is what you call a sellout.  although i have to say, this guy is just raw talent.  his game against the bulls with him leaping over lucas shows this guy is amazing.

    and kudos for him biking to the locker room.

  • Bill

    Mets’ pitcher RA Dickey also cycles and commutes via his bike during spring training in Florida.

  • carma

    RA Dickey.  another +1 for the knuckleballer.

  • Jpdeveer

    That is awesome! Dump the empty dream of an expensive car and ride a bike.

  • Audrey Wied

    LeBron – I volunteer at a local bike project, the Iowa CIty Bike Library, and just want to THANK YOU so much for being one of the best role models simply by going by bicycle. Let’s make sure our generation knows what’s best! – Audrey Wiedemeier, 25, Iowa City, Ia 

  • Anonymous

    Think of how many more people would be biking if we got more celebrities to do it? It’s amazing the example they set ….

  • ubringliten

    I was never a fan of his but I am happy that such a huge celebrity/athlete is doing this.  Is he not afraid of paparazzi and lunatic fans by being this open in the public?

  • Eastlakerider

    Not much of a role model. Hard to tell in the photo, but it looks like he’s lansplitting while waiting to turn left. Should’ve taken the lane instead.     Kudos for biking anyway.

  • Turin

    Eastlakerider – it is hard to tell, but he could be sitting between a right turn curb lane and the far right straight lane. The front of the car in the background seems to be slightly turned to the right. All-in-all, I think it’s a great story.

  • Joe R.

    What I like about this is here is a guy who could easily choose to take a chauffeured limo to the games, yet he choses to take his bike. That’s a powerful message if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    “Lebron-sized bicycle lanes,” what a tantalizing thought!



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