Today’s Headlines

  • Delancey Claims Another Life: Driver Kills 12-Year-Old Dashane Santana (Gothamist, Post)
  • Squadron, Stringer, Chin: City Must Do More to Prevent Next Delancey Street Death (Gothamist, DNA)
  • SUV Driver Crashes, Flips Onto Sidewalk on Linden Boulevard (News)
  • Meanwhile, the Post Hails NYPD for Ticketing “Crazy Cyclists”
  • TWU Now Working Without a Contract; Samuelsen Trains Fire on Cuomo (News, NY1)
  • MTR: Bloomberg Was a Champ Last Week; Joan McDonald a Chump
  • Markowitz Aide Carlo Scissura Has a Record-Setting War Chest for 2013 Beep Bid (Post)
  • The Times Asks: Will Expanding Waistlines Ruin Transit?
  • Billboard Bedlam! Ad Edifice Collapses Onto BQE, Causing Massive Traffic Jam (DNA, News, Gothamist)
  • NYPD Too Ineffective to Stop Illegal Parking on Baltic Street Sidewalk (Bklyn Spoke)

Streetsblog will be offline in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but we’ve got one more post coming before returning to a regular publishing schedule tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    About the terrible case of Dashane Santana who was hit and killed at the Williamsburgh, I read on Gothamist that the driver spoke no English. If that is correct, I have to wonder how that is possible, how can you get a drivers license if you have to read signs, potentially communicate with police and other drivers etc?

  • Anonymous

    @van_vlissingen:disqus : you can take the written test in many different languages. I’m not sure how they do about the road test, but you can probably bring an interpreter (you can bring someone to read/translate the written test for you!). Being able to read English is not considered a requirement to drive.

    To be fair, many of the important signs that one needs to mind while driving are reasonably graphic. In Europe, they tend to be more graphic and also more standardized, because they are more used to people driving in countries where they don’t speak the language. Consider this: as a tourist, you are allowed to rent a car and drive in the Czech republic, even if you don’t speak a word of the language! Are tourists riskier drivers? Probably…

  • Bolwerk

    Re “The Times Asks: Will Expanding Waistlines Ruin Transit?”: clearly the solution is to ticket fat people who take up more than one seat. If they don’t want tickets, they can drive.

  • guest

    Dashane Santana’s friend is quoted on Gothamist as saying there was a traffic cop at the Delancey intersection when she was killed. This is absolutely infuriating. On Friday morning at this exact location the traffic cop literally waved
    traffic into me when I was already rolling into this crosswalk and the light was
    still red. It was terrifying- and absolutely pointless since the next light remained red. It doesn’t sound like that is what happened to Dashane, but the traffic cop there could have stepped in when s/he saw her group was crossing. Of course that isn’t their job, but it is human. The city has to change the priority of traffic cops from moving cars to protecting the most vulnerable users of our streets.

  • Driver

    To me the truly disturbing part of the story was that based on his own statement, the driver clearly saw the girl among a group of five, yet still ran her over.  To me that’s worse than the standard “I didn’t see him/her”

  • The 19th Precinct statistics are troubling. The Post reported that 1,101 of the red-light running tickets they issued in 2011 went to cyclists. They only issued 2,436 red-light running tickets TOTAL. 45% of the red-light tickets the 19th Precinct wrote in 2011 went to cyclists. This is insanity.

    In all of 2011, the 19th wrote 12 tickets for speeding and 23 tickets for unsafe backing, both of which killed people in their precinct last year. Nice to know their priorities are in order.

  • Guest

    I agree with Driver.  It sounds like the motorist was playing chicken with them because they were in the intersection when the light turned red.  Anyone who’s walked in New York has been in that situation.  This just shows that when drivers play chicken with pedestrians, they mean it.  And if you happen to get in their way, it’s your fault.  Does that seem fair?