Today’s Headlines

  • Service Cuts Continue: MTA to Run Fewer Trains on Minor Holidays (Post)
  • Tabs Praise Chris Ward’s Legacy, But Will They Heed His Parting Words? (PostNews)
  • East Side NIMBYs Still Kvetching About Scaled-Back 34th Street Bus Improvements (DNAinfo)
  • Greenpoint Avenue Bike Lane on Ice as CB 1 Frets Over 50 Parking Spaces (Brownstoner)
  • East Bronx Residents Prefer Parking to Pedestrian Safety at Bus Stops (Bx Times)
  • Drawbridge Failure Forces Metro-North to Shuttle Bus Passengers Over River (NYT)
  • NYT‘s “Complaint Box” Feature Turns to Electric Bicycles
  • After Six Weeks in Coma, Crash Victim Cycling Towards Recovery (News)
  • Anti-Idling Law Not Being Enforced in Front of Mario Batali’s Restaurant (Post)
  • Daily News: East Side Greenway Plan Good for New York
  • Victims of Urban Renewal Hold Reunion 50 Years After Displacement (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The median household income in the U.S. fell nearly 10.0% from June 2007 to June 2011, and is still falling.

    And the decline is worse for most people, because so many have been exempted from the pain.  The wealthy have done OK, because the value of paper assets has been reflated to unsustainable levels.  NYC public employees got a series of 4 percent raises, well in excess of inflation, and soaring benefit payments as the cost of various retroactive pension enhancements over 15 years comes due. And.

    “Income, after adjustment for inflation, declined fairly substantially for households headed by people under age 62, but it rose 4.7 percent for those headed by people 65 to 74, many of whom are not in the labor force. The change was negligible for those 62 to 64.”

    More to come.  Europe had two World Wars to run up debts and diminish their economic standing.  We had a party.  What will younger generations live without?  Possibly the automobile.  Certainly a quality ride on mass transit.

  • Anybody know where to find the break-down of how CB1 voted in the matter referenced above? I’d sure like to vote against those who prioritize parking over fixing up greenpoint ave, as a cyclist and a driver in the neighborhood. Totally bogus. 

  • fj

    In the last week or so they’ve started to put in the Shore Power transformers with this part of the project estimated to be complete in about a month.  This great news since it will greatly reduce ship emissions at the Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal.

  • Daphna

    To Billy Gray: The problem is you do not get to vote for or against your Community Board members.  Half the members are appointed by the Borough President and the other half are appointed by the City Councilman for that neighborhood.  You could vote against those politicians in the next election since you do not agree with types of Community Board members that they are selecting.  You could also email your Community Board with your opinion.

    Also, of great importance, is to apply to be on the Community Board in your neighborhood.  Many Community Boards do not represent the majority in their communities, but instead represent special interests groups such as those who want to store their cars for free on city real estate (the curb) that really should be used by all.  New people who do not have an entrenched self-dealing bias towards prioritizing street space for those park need to start joining the Community boards.