Eyes on the Street: Progress on the First Ave Bike Lane. Terrorists Rejoice!

The First Avenue bike lane extension is not yet complete, but there's enough thermoplast in some sections to set off the floating parking lane, and some New Yorkers are already taking advantage of the safe space. Photo: Noah Kazis

As Marcia Kramer informed CBS2 viewers last night, construction has begun on the extension of the First and Second Avenue bike lanes from 34th Street to 57th Street. The section of First Avenue from 34th Street to 47th Street is the only part of this project where the bike lane will be physically protected from traffic. Above 47th it becomes a plain painted bike lane and then transitions into a shared lane from 49th Street to 57th Street. So far, the lane only consists of paint — construction hasn’t started on any pedestrian islands — but some cyclists are already making use of the protected space.

More pics below the fold.

Paint and barrels mark what appears to be the site of a future pedestrian island at 34th Street and First Avenue. Photo: Noah Kazis
At the northern end of the UN tunnel, in the high 40s, the parking protected lane transitions into a buffered bike lane. Photo: Noah Kazis
At 49th Street, the bike lane turns into a shared lane. This lane is set off with a solid painted line to minimize automobile lane changes. Bike stencils should later be added below the painted chevrons, and signs will be posted to further notify drivers to share the space. Photo: Noah Kazis
Whether motorists had switched to using the floating parking lane instead of remaining curbside changed block by block. Photo: Noah Kazis


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